The latest episode of Batwoman seemingly confirmed fan complaints that Crow’s security agent Sophie Moore is the worst detective in the Arrowverse.

Warning: the following function contains SPOILERS for Batwoman Season 2, Episode 4 “Light Skin, Blue Eyes.”

The last episode of Batwoman He seemed to acknowledge that Ravens security agent Sophie Moore is probably the worst detective in the Arrowverse. However, rather than being a praise for the character, this was an acknowledgment of fan complaints and online jokes about Agent Moore’s continued ability to overlook the obvious and get knocked out by villains.

In the Arrowverse, Sophie Moore and Kate Kane met while attending the prestigious Point Rock Military Academy. The two engaged in a secret romance, as lesbian relationships were prohibited by the Academy’s honor code under penalty of expulsion. Their relationship ended after they were reported and Kate refused to deny the charges against her, while Sophie denied her guidance, leading to Kate’s expulsion. To add insult to injury, Sophie landed Kate’s dream job, earning herself a spot among the Crows Security agents. One of the main subplots of Batwoman Season 1 focused on Sophie coming to terms with her sexuality in the wake of Kate’s return to Gotham City, even as she chased after Batwoman along with the rest of the Ravens. She remained oblivious to Kate Kane’s double life until she was informed of Batwoman’s secret identity in a private letter in the Batwoman season 2 premiere.

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While Sophie made finding Kate Kane her first priority afterward, most of the progress made in gathering information about Kate’s disappearance came despite Sophie’s efforts, not because of them. Sophie went chasing Alice alone (following a clue her partner Julia Pennyworth had found) only to be kidnapped and taken to the island nation of Coryana along with Alice. It was here that Alice discovered that Kate was alive and in the custody of the pirate queen Safiyah, and it was Alice who negotiated a deal to buy Kate’s freedom in exchange for finding and killing a man named Ocean. Sophie learned all of this secondhand from Alice, who broke into Sophie’s apartment in the Batwoman season 2 episode “Light Skin, Blue Eyes” and suggested they pool their resources and work together, as they both wanted to take down Safiyah and rescue Kate.

Batwoman Alice is holding Sophie Moore and Luke Fox hostage

The association was awkward even before Luke Fox stopped by Sophie’s apartment and Alice put him to work trying to locate Ocean at gunpoint, having grown bored with Sophie’s half-hearted efforts to search for him on Crow’s computer network. . In fact, after several hours of working together, Alice wondered why she had thought working with Sophie was a good idea to start with. “In hindsight, I don’t know why I thought you could help me find out who this person is.“Alice noted,”Whereas you didn’t even know you were exchanging saliva with your old flame. This sentiment, that Alice should have realized that Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) was Batwoman, echoed complaints from fans online about Sophie’s incompetence as a detective, even though she was supposedly an intelligence agent. highly trained.

As cruel as Alice’s evaluation of Sophie’s detective skills was, it was born with the rest of the episode. Luke was finally able to message Sophie revealing that he had found something, telling her where to find Ocean, even as he spoke aloud to Alice of the need to go to Wayne Enterprises to use their computer network to continue the search. Once again, Sophie went after her suspect alone, only to be attacked by a thief. The only thing that saved Sophie from being murdered at the time was that Alice had ignored her instructions to stay at her apartment and wait for her, instead of following Sophie and arriving just in time. Given all that, it seems Alice was really insane to think that Sophie could be a reliable companion. While the new Batwoman Ryan Wilder has proven to be a fantastic detective, Sophie Moore is easily the worst in the Arrowverse.

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