Yara scolded Jovi for ignoring her and focusing on alcohol in episode 11 of Boyfriend 90 Days after they were seen together last week.

The scene where Jovi Dufren’s mother, Gwen, exclaimed: “they are really in love, “And at the same time Yara Zaya whispering,”hate you“In his ear he gave 90 day fiancé season 8 one of his best moments. But since Jovi’s mother predicted that he and Yara are “it’s going to be goodTogether, the fans really wondered how. Even after Yara announced that she is pregnant, her fights and arguments with Jovi have been at their peak. The preview for episode 11 showed her crying, threatening to return to Ukraine. But a photo of 90 day fiancé The couple Jovi and Yara clicked this week on their holiday shows, they are still together and happy.

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With couples like Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr breaking up and Mike Youngquist announcing that he does not love and is not engaged to his fiancee Natalie Mordovtseva in the last 90 day fiancé episode, Yara and Jovi still have it better than most of the others. But because Jovi’s parents seemed excited about Yara’s pregnancy, unlike Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina, the Ukrainian star also felt ignored by her man. A smiling Yara finally felt accepted by the Dufren family, but the evening vibe took a strange turn when she heard Jovi say, “we are not married yet“Before disappearing without telling him. the 90 day fiancé The star husband who gets drunk unleashed pregnant Yara beyond measure and finally lashed out at Jovi with him saying, “I got over itAnd walk away.

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But from the looks of it, maybe Jovi finally realized after they had a baby and gave her “smart, beautiful and all these things90 day fiancé wife Yara the happiness she deserved. According to official documents found online, Yara and Jovi were married on Valentine’s Day 2020 and also celebrated their anniversary in Miami this year with their daughter born in September 2020. A Reddit the user posted a photo of Yara and Jovi with a fan from last week with the caption “Looking happy and healthy together in Miami. “And the outfit Yara is wearing in the photo is actually the same one she wore in an IG story last week, which got the internet praising the 90 day fiancé Young mom’s weight loss body after pregnancy.

Jovi Yara Miami Anniversary Wedding Baby In 90 Day Fiance

However, the comments show fans theorizing that “TLC used some wild editing tactics on the pair“To make Jovi and Yara seem more dysfunctional than they are. One fan suggests that it might not be a “perfect adjustment” but 90 day fiancé‘s “the edit is trying to really weigh”On the dysfunctional aspects of the relationship. The TLC viewer suggests that the show “they got dirty“In editing making Yara look crybaby and Jovi”an ace * h * le.“Another fan points out that 90 day fiancé the couple Yara and Jovi are one “genuine couple “ in love and the show is “fraudGiving viewers confidence issues.

On a lighter note, another 90 day fiancé fan notices that this is a rare image in which Jovi is not seen holding a drink. Jovi, the resident party animal of NOLA, carries a drink in almost every scene in 90 day fiancé and his IG posts have become a joke among fans. It could be the case that Jovi has given up her affection for alcohol after having a baby with the intention of turning a new page. But whatever the case, one thing is for sure that Jovi and Yara are a 90 day fiancé success story.

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90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

Source: Reddit

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