Bravely Second’s final boss is a much tougher and longer fight than the game shows. Let’s see how to survive all three levels of this fight.

Lord Providence, the false god is the final boss within Bravely second. While this boss fight starts off dramatically, it still doesn’t show at first how long and drawn out this fight will be. Players will have to face the false god three times before officially defeating him.

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Each time the player faces Lord Providence, they must prepare for a more desperate fight than the last. This first form will be revealed when trying to reach Vega. Unfortunately, Vega and Lord Providence have connected, allowing the false god a physical form in their world.

How to defeat Lord Providence’s first form in Bravely Second

After the Lord of Providence declares his existence and ends his speech of doom and sadness, players can prepare for his attacks. The main focus during this fight is to cover the player’s group with a strongly magical defense. Players should also put most of their protection on their healer, using the Lustrous Shield if they have it.

Aside from having a healer, players should have a party that can deal mostly physical damage to the Lord of Providence. Wind and weapons also deal a decent amount of damage to him. Players should have fun with the attacks of Hawkeyes, Bloody Wolf, and Fencer.

The main Lord attacks that players should be aware of are the Star of Destruction, the Seven Stars, and the Pawn of Destiny. Star of Destruction is a non-elemental attack and Seven Stars is an AOE attack with seven light-based hits. Pawn of Fate is the most dangerous of the group that will launch Doom in the group and cannot be cured.

However, there are two main ways that players can counter this. If they finished the Yokai side quest, they will be able to use the Astral Magic State Barrier Blast to avoid the Doom state. Fortunately, players who did not participate in this side quest still have a choice. In this case, use the Reraise and Blast of the Time Mage to revive the group members from a knockout.

The Lord will not give up easily, and once his health drops below 50%, he will be completely healed. One of his final attacks will be the Mandate of Heaven. This requires one of the party members to hit another party character. Pay close attention to each of the messages after this attack, as if you use your Divine Punishment after your BP reaches zero, you will deal mind-blowing 99,999 damage to the entire party. If the player can, he must hit him while in a critical state before he uses this move to ignore this final attack.

How to defeat Lord Providence’s second form in Bravely Second

After defeating Lord Providence’s physical form, he takes his celestial form out of the sky. His two mechanical hands can use Ruin and Salvation. The right hand deals magic damage and the left hand deals physical damage. Since players will continue to use the same battle group from the first way, this will make the left hand appear a bit stronger. Fortunately, after his attacks, the hands will immobilize for three turns, allowing players to heal and deal damage.

The Head of the Pyramid is a different story and you can use Dispel, making upgrading the party not worth it in the early stages of battle. Like his physical form, Lord Providence is still weak to physical attacks, so keep the same strategy from the first fight to gradually reduce it. He has gained a weakness to dark and Knuckles attacks while in his celestial form, so those attacks are worth using.

His main attack to watch out for besides hands every five turns is the New World Order. This attack deals decent damage, but could catch a group off guard if it hasn’t been healed in time. With this and the fact that the Lord only has nine turns here, players need not worry too much about his Ruin and Salvation secondary attacks as there will be a few more cutscenes before the end.

How to defeat Lord Providence’s final form in Bravely Second

After causing the group to attack themselves by failing the game, Lord Providence is now in his final form. This form works almost the same as the previous one. However, he is not limited by turns here, so players will need to defeat him.

Players must focus on keeping their team alive for as long as possible with near-constant healing. Outside of this, players need to damage their hands first, as each only has 10,000 hit points each and they are the main damaging enemies that players need to watch out for. Focus on the left hand first, as it will damage the group more than the right.

Another option for players with holy magic is to use the Calm spell on the hands when they reach zero BP and focus on damaging the body. This can be a more useful strategy if available to the player, as hands eventually revive within a couple of turns after dying. With any of these fighting styles, the player must fight the false god until they have destroyed it and the game is over.

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Bravely second is available on Nintendo 3DS.

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