In a new gameplay trailer for It Takes Two, Game Director Josef Fares explains how co-op fundamentally changes every level of the game.

Developer Hazelight Studios has shared a new gameplay trailer for It takes two, in which game director Josef Fares explains how cooperative play dramatically changes many of the title’s levels. Hazelight unveiled It takes two last summer during Electronic Arts’ EA Play Live online event. Like the two previous Fares projects, this new endeavor places great emphasis on the importance of two characters working together.

Destined to marry the game and the story, It takes two The cooperative mechanic seems incredibly ambitious. And that ambition is courtesy of the simple yet intriguing story that will propel the game’s two characters, Cody and May, forward. Cody and May are a married couple who have been on the sidelines for quite some time; As a result, divorce is slowly approaching. Her daughter Rose, distraught at the idea of ​​her family falling apart, creates two dolls that her parents magically transform into. Apparently this narrative setup, as well as the couple’s past troubles, fuel much of what makes the gameplay and level design in It takes two so compelling.

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Hazelight and EA have unleashed another fresh look at It takes two in a game trailer narrated by game director Josef Fares. Naturally, the nearly three-minute video emphasizes the cooperative mechanics, as well as the various scenarios that Cody and May will find themselves trying to navigate. According to Fares, no scenario will be the same, as the game aims to reflect the events of the narrative. An example of how the cooperative defines levels occurs after Cody argues that May has no sense of time, while she argues that she cannot be in two places at once. Therefore, one level sees you gain the ability to control time; meanwhile, May gains access to a clone of herself. Unlike Hazelight’s debut project, An exit, almost all levels in It takes two It will equip characters with completely new mechanics, which means that players will have a completely different experience depending on the character they control.

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As Fares has said in the past, it is clear It takes two It will be packed with nifty game mechanics and level design options. It is not yet known if everything will work out or not. But the track record of Fares and his team speaks for itself. They are great for enhancing the story and the game with interesting ideas.

EA’s partnership with Hazelight Studios represents one of many under its EA Originals label, an effort in which the publisher supports independent studio projects around the world. In recent years, the label has published the aforementioned An exit, Faith, Rocket arena, Y Unravel.

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It takes two will be released on March 26 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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