Disney’s lovable Baymax robot from Big Hero 6 is making his MCU debut. He didn’t always look so huggable. It used to have a much tougher appearance.

BaymaxThe lovable healthcare robot companion has been stealing the hearts of fans since Walt’s release. Disney Animation studios film, Big hero 6 in 2014. Built by Tadashi Hamada, older brother of teenage genius Hiro Hamada, Baymax showed everyone that robots didn’t have to be angular and metallic in nature. He also made a big impact after his fight updates. However, this adorable robot didn’t always look so cute and huggable. In fact, it seemed more threatening and had nothing to do with health.

Big hero 6 tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a teenage genius who gets into a lot of trouble. Thanks to his brother and some innovative ideas, Hiro begins attending a prestigious university. After his brother’s death, Hiro and his new friends form a team of superheroes to do justice and save the day. The film was very successful, spawning an animated series that began airing in 2018. This series is in its third and final season, but Disney Animation has announced a spinoff series titled Baymax! This series is slated to hit Disney + in 2022. It has been reported that the character will also make his live-action debut in the MCU. The film also inspired a two-volume manga series, while the animated series has a comic published by IDW. However, these are not the team’s comic debuts.

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What some fans may not know is that Big hero 6 was inspired by a superhero team created by Marvel Comics. The first appearance of the team was in 1998 in Sunfire and Big Hero 6. This miniseries took the X-Men character Sunfire and used him as the centerpiece to create Big Hero 6, Japan’s super team. The series also featured former villain Silver Samurai. The series was published in three issues. The next time Big Hero 6 appeared was on Alpha Flight # 9 (2004). In 2008, the team had their own five-issue miniseries, and a lot had changed. New members (Fred and Wasabi No-Ginger) were added and the art style had become much more in line with manga or anime than a typical Marvel comic. What may surprise fans of the movie the most is how much Baymax’s appearance changed from page to page.

Baymax has always been a robot, but with a different purpose. It was originally a bodyguard built by Hiro himself, since Hiro did not have a brother. In the movie, Baymax is so adorable and huggable because he needs to appear approachable. An escort takes care of people and cannot seem like a threat. The original Baymax didn’t have that problem. He could look as tough as Hiro needed him to. The first version of Baymax looked like the Kingpin, with a bowler hat and pinstripe suit. In the 2008 series, this look was kept, but cleaned up with a new art style. He kept the bowler hat and it still looks like he’s Wilson Fisk in disguise. The original comic also featured a transformation for Baymax when it was necessary to fight. Baymax was originally called a synthetic form and could appear as a dragon. The 2008 series removed this form, although there were character sketches showing attempts to update the look. In big fights, Baymax transforms into a mechanical version of himself. This is a far cry from the armored look it has in the movie, with a white, green and yellow color palette instead of the green and gray of its training phase or the iconic white and red look when the team peaks.

Big hero 6 It has a longer story than most fans would probably think, but the movie also made a lot of changes that are surprising. Had Baymax’s original look and purpose been kept, the movie would have had a completely different story. Changes to the character have made him more lovable, approachable, and the source of many comic moments. Baymax He still serves as an effective protector of Hiro, but softening him up has allowed Hiro to be more physically active in his role as a superhero.

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