The Saiyans are some of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball franchise, but they are not the only aliens who have shown their strength.

the Dragon Ball The world is divided into tons of different races and types of beings. Since the origins of the series, things have exploded to a whole different level with Dragon Ball Super featuring Angels, more Demons, new Saiyan transformations, Gods, and more.

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However, the main race for which the series was initially known was a certain type of alien. The main alien race in the series, of course, are the Saiyans, but there are many alien races that could be classified as some of the strongest in the world. Dragon Ball universe.

10 Nameks have incredible abilities like regeneration and fusion


A no-brainer when it comes to one of the strongest alien races in the series is the Nameks. This race has been around for quite some time, making its big appearance with the King Piccolo bow from the classic era of Dragon Ball. Since then, it seems that they have become more powerful with the main focus on Piccolo Jr.

This breed has some of the best skills in the Dragon Ball world. From regeneration, simple fusion, springy limbs, and the power to grow giants, it really does seem like Nameks can have it all. And if they are well trained, they could take on the Saiyans.

9 Frieza’s career has seemingly countless transformations

Frieza race

Frieza’s place as one of Goku’s rivals and main villains is appropriate for where his race fits into the grand scheme of the alien power table in Dragon Ball.

This race of nameless creatures is likely the second most powerful alien race in this universe. They seem to be one of the only races with endless amounts of transformations, just like the Saiyans.

8 The Tuffle used his technology and knowledge to fight the Saiyans


The Tuffles are a race of aliens that actually reflect humans quite closely. However, what they have about humans is their technology and knowledge. This combination makes for a fearsome race.

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The Tuffles may be basically alien humans, but unlike humans, this race was able to use their technology to contain the Saiyans and end things at a standstill. However, they were no match against the Great Ape transformations.

7 Machine Mutant Tuffle are stronger versions of Tuffle

tuff machine mutant

What the Tuffle race lacked in power, the Machine Mutant Tuffle, created by Dr. Myuu in Dragon Ball GT, compensate in many ways. Not only are they smart, but they have the power to fight even Saiyans.

As seen with the infamous Dragon Ball GT villain, Baby, are also able to control various beings and even take over their bodies by infecting them with a small part of them.

6 Yardrats are capable of more than just teleporting


The Yardrat race was once a very mysterious race. During the return of Goku during the beginning of the Android saga, all people knew was that they had the ability to teach others to teleport.

The powerful teleportation technique has already put them in a higher tier than most due to their sheer broken nature, but now that fans have seen Jimizu in action during the Tournament of Power, there is no doubt that they are truly powerful beyond that.

5 Recoome’s career emphasizes pure power

Like the Tuffle, Recoome’s race closely resembles the normal humans present on planet Earth. Unlike Tuffle, Recoome’s race does not depend on brain or technology, but on their power.

This alien race is humanoid, but each member of the race is supposedly born or grown into a massive power, with larger builds, more muscles, and a lack of eyebrows.

4 The Kanassan can communicate telepathically and see the future

The Kanassan are another race that had to defend themselves from the attack of the Saiyan race. The warriors of this race are quite powerful and extremely brave, which represents a great challenge for Bardock and his team.

Their powers also make them a powerful race that can be prepared for almost anything. Not only can they speak telepathically and use ki-based attacks, but they can also see visions of the future and infect others with this gift. This allows them to try to prepare for anything.

3 Hera’s race was able to keep up with the Super Saiyans


The Race of Hera or Clan Hera is the race of extraterrestrials that come from the planet Hera. It is also the clan that the Galaxy Soldiers led by Bojack come from. They are also the only survivors of this breed.

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As shown in the Dragon Ball film, Bojack unleashedIt’s easy to see how powerful this race is, with many of the members giving the Z-Fighters – Super Saiyans included – a run for their money.

two Zarbon’s career transforms into a much more powerful state


A mark of any powerful alien race in the world of Dragon Ball it is the ability to transform into a much more powerful state. Zarbon’s career fulfills this requirement excellently.

Zarbon’s race is classified as a “transformer-type alien” and more members of this race appear in various Dragon Ball games. Like Zarbon, the rest of their race start out as humanoid beings until they harness their most powerful forms.

1 Wolf people are much stronger than the average werewolf

The werewolves or werewolves are a new alien race from Universe 9 and Universe 7 that first appeared in the Dragon ball super series in the arc of the Tournament of Power.

This is another race that is easy to call one of the most powerful alien races in the world. Dragon Ball. From what was shown of the members of this breed, they are much more powerful than the average werewolf and can defend themselves from many others.

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