What does age mean in Dragon Ball universe? Characters often have the ability to live for centuries, and those who don’t can often use the Dragon Balls to restore their youth when necessary.

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That being said, one of the things that people love about the series is the amount of changes present. Goku starts off as a boy and eventually grows into a man who has his own son, who then becomes old enough to have children of his own. Currently in the series, the year is 780 years old, which allows for a decent guess of most of the characters’ ages.

12 Gohan – 23

The youngest member of the main cast, Gohan goes between being a main character and a supporting character these days. At the beginning of Dragon ball super the character is basically a cast member, unable to go Super Saiyan again.

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By the end of the series, you can cement your place as one of the strongest members of the team. He is also one of the youngest, as he was born a few years after Piccolo and began Dragon Ball Z at the age of 5.

eleven Small – 27

Piccolo is surprisingly one of the youngest characters who could call himself a main character on the show. But it is worth remembering that the character was largely unborn in Dragon Ball.

He was born when King Piccolo spat him out when Goku defeated him, and he became an adult in about three years. Since then, the character has always been several years below the rest in age, although not in terms of wisdom. He even spends a little time as a young father.

10 Goku – 43

Goku from Dragon Ball using Kaio Ken

Born in the year 737, Goku started Dragon Ball When I was eleven. Dragon Ball It takes place over the course of about seven years, allowing you to participate in three different martial arts world tournaments, and by the end, you are around 18 years old.

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, He is 25 years old. Between all the time that passed Dragon Ball Z she’s in her mid-30s, and by the time she Dragon ball superr is in his early 40s … although for at least eight years of Dragon Ball Z the character is training elsewhere with King Kai.

9 Krillin – 44

Krillin is one of Goku’s oldest friends. The two of them trained together with Master Roshi and quickly became martial arts experts on a par with Roshi himself.

Over time, Krillin even grew strong enough to surpass Roshi, although he didn’t seem like it during the Tournament of Power. The character is about 44 years old, he was born in the year 736.

8 Find – 47

bulma dbs

The only woman in the cast who still holds a title role. Bulma is present in at least most of the arches and often serves as a major part of the cast. Certainly, she was a vital member in Goku Black’s arc, and she keeps Whis and Beerus well fed with expensive treats.

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A little older than Goku, Bulma is 47 at the end of Super, but he’s also someone who makes wishes in Dragon Balls to look five years younger every now and then, while maintaining his youthful appearance.

7 Tien Shinhan – 47

A member of the Crane School, Tien was one of Goku’s first major rivals. The character was a murderer in Dragon Ball, but ultimately decided to become an honorable warrior after beating Goku.

When the character was first introduced, he was already in his late teens facing a Goku who was not yet 14 years old. However, the two were evenly matched thanks to Goku’s superior training.

6 Vegeta – 48

Anime Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Artifical Moon Bardock Reference

Vegeta is one of the older members of the main cast who is not a god of some kind. He was born five years before Goku, and was already on another planet when Goku was sent to Earth.

Because Vegeta and Nappa ignored Frieza’s message to return to Planet Vegeta, they were able to continue living, which meant that Vegeta lived long enough to become a Super Saiyan and even fight Frieza. Of course, he hasn’t aged since he reached his prime, and he won’t anytime soon.

5 Master Roshi – 350

The most ridiculous of all time. Master Roshi was born centuries before any of the other characters besides the gods. The trick for him is that he has discovered ways to extend his life, allowing him to live for centuries.

Thanks to that, despite being older, he continues to live, train and become more powerful. This allowed him to spend decades learning things like Kamehameha.

4 Beerus – Millions of years

Beerus is as much a member of the main cast as Goku and the rest, and possibly more than some of them.

Beerus has been around for millions of years at this time. As the god of destruction, he has been around long enough to witness the creation and destruction of countless planets.

3 Whis – Millions of years

Another member of the main cast of Dragon Ball without an age. Whis is arguably more important than Beerus, because Whis is the reason both Goku and Vegeta have been able to train in the first place, with both of them constantly growing in power.

If someone is older than Beerus, it is likely Whis, who was assigned to Beerus as his assistant from the moment he took the job. And if Beerus is more than 200 million years old, Whis is even older.

two Android 18 – Unknown

Android 18 was the sister of Android 17. The two were destined to help destroy Goku, but neither of them ever did. Android 18 ended up marrying Krillin and having a child after she was knocked out of Cell’s body during the Cell Games battle.

Like Android 17, her age is unclear because viewers were never given a general age for her to begin with. You are likely in your 20s to 30s.

1 Android 17 – Unknown

Android 17 was created by Dr. Gero and was intended to be an instrument of destruction against Goku. Instead, he ends up eliminating Dr. Gero and never tries to kill Goku, instead choosing to explore the world. Over time, he becomes a park ranger taking care of rare monsters that cannot be found anywhere else.

As for his age, the series never delves into that. They never state the character’s age, and the best guess is that they are in their 20s and 30s assuming they were in their teens when they first appeared.

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