Notre Dame announced that it will not be a part of EA’s final college football game until rules are finalized to compensate players.

EA Sports announced earlier this year that it will bring back its popular College soccer series of games, but from now on it will be without one of the most prestigious programs in sports history: the University of Notre Dame. The last college football game EA Sports released was NCAA American Football 14 in 2013.

Though NCAA Soccer was an incredibly popular series for EA Sports, it was unceremoniously canceled after NCAA American Football 14 due to legal issues that revolve around the likeness of the players used in the games. For other EA Sports series like To get mad Y FIFA, players receive compensation when their image and likeness are used in these games. NCAA SoccerHowever, it was different due to the NCAA (National College Athletics Association) rules that prohibit their athletes from making a profit this way or in any way. Since then, there has been a growing call for a change that allows student-athletes to be compensated when their efforts provide so much revenue for the schools they attend. Now it appears that the University of Notre Dame has also joined in that call.

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The official Fight the Irish The Twitter account today released the school’s official statement on the matter. University Vice President and AD Jack Swarbrick decided that it was in the best interest of Notre Dame to not participate in the game until the rules on student-athlete participation had been finalized. Notre Dame wants its athletes to be able to directly benefit from allowing their images in EA Sports’ next attempt at the series.

This could be a serious blow to EA Sports’ efforts to resurrect the series, especially since the developer reportedly had a plan to move forward without using the names and likenesses of real players. Notre Dame’s exclusion from the title would likely have a major negative impact given the school’s history and popularity with college football fans. However, the game is reportedly a long way from completion, and the rules for compensating players will likely be clearly defined in time for Notre Dame to change its mind.

It is heartwarming to see an institution like the University of Notre Dame stand behind its athletes to promote much-needed change. Some of these athletes generate millions of dollars for their schools and so far they haven’t seen any of it. the NCAA Soccer The series was only salt in the wound. Now, however, student-athletes can finally get what they deserve and EA Sports he could rightly pay part of the bill.

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