Doctor Doom’s impending nuptials may bring back his ideal version of Susan Storm from Secret Wars Battleworld.

One of the scariest figures in the Marvel Universe, Doctor Doom, is about to get married. However, his impending nuptials to this insanely bold woman could resolve a lingering plot thread left behind in the wake of Jonathan Hickman’s, Esad Ribic, and Ive Svorcina’s 2015 Secret Wars.

In the world where Doom reigned as God Emperor, Doctor Doom created his own version of the Richards family, one in which he was married to Susan Storm and their children were Franklin and Valeria Von Doom. When that crossover came to an end, that Susan Storm’s fate was left unsolved, but his new mystery girlfriend could very well be Susan Von Doom, raising a lot of questions and problems for the Fantastic Four.

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The next event promises that Doom will get married. And for some reason, apparently Mister Fantastic will be his godfather, but it is not yet clear who Doom will marry. Promotional images for the wedding show Doom’s bride hidden in a veil. The fact that their face is hidden means that they are most likely an established figure within the Marvel Universe.

With that in mind, Susan Von Doom seems like a reasonable candidate for Doom’s mystery girlfriend.

When the Marvel Universe and the ultimate Marvel Universe collided in the Final Raid at the beginning of Secret warsSusan Richards, the Fantastic Four, and the Future Foundation were the lucky few who managed to escape on the life rafts that Mister Fantastic and the Illuminati had built to flee destruction. But Mister Fantastic underestimated how destructive the impact of the Raid would be. Susan’s ship, as well as her children and the Foundation of the Future, were lost in the void.

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At that time, Doctor Doom had absorbed the power of the Beyonders using Molecule Man to destroy and then redirect his power to Doom. With his new status as a god, Doom gathered the remains of both universes and merged them into Battleworld. There, he would rule as his god, with versions of Susan, Franklin and Valeria at his side. In effect, Doom saved what little was left, but turned it into his personal playground and stole from Reed Richards’ family. But the truth of what this Von Doom family was is more complex than simply taking on Mister Fantastic’s wife and children.

In reality, Doom had created an entirely new reality, and a good part of it was born of his own imagination. It is true that parts of the original universes remained, but the most precious thing for Doom was his personal creations, the life he believed he deserved more than Reed. So in this reality, the woman who rejected him and fought him on so many levels became his devoted wife, and the children he had with another man became his.

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This reality was undone and the new Marvel Multiverse was created with the help of the Fantastic Four. However, some questions remain about what happened to the Von Doom family. Reed managed to revive his own family, but the people Doom had created were separate entities. And by the time her fantasy world began to crumble, Susan Von Doom’s faith in Victor had been severely affected, if not completely broken.

So if the new girlfriend is Susan Von Doom, her presence raises the question of how she’s there and raises similar concerns about the rest of the Battleworld residents. At the moment, the mystery of the identity of the Bride of Doom is still ongoing, but if Doom marries Susan Von Doom, Battleworld and an army of Doom devotees might still be out there, waiting to return to the God Emperor.

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