Crime anthology show Fargo is full of great characters, from noble heroine Molly to disturbing villain Malvo. It’s a shame that some of them never meet.

For four seasons, Fargo It has been one of the most unique and captivating shows on television. One of the best aspects is the characters that range from the brave and noble heroes to the vicious villains and lots of people in between.

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However, with each season of the show telling a new story and focusing on a new set of characters, there are certain character dynamics that have sadly never been seen. Some of these people share many similarities and would probably get along very well. It would have been fun to see these Fargo friendships happen, but fans can only imagine them now.

10 Dodd Gerhardt and Gaetano Fadda

Just because two characters are evil dudes doesn’t mean they won’t get along with each other. Dodd Gerhardt and Gaetano Fadda are two members of criminal families; Dodd appeared in season 2 of the show, while Gaetano appeared in season 4.

Both men are impulsive and violent older brothers who want to pressure their family into going to war with their enemies instead of appearing weak when coming to terms. They would probably agree in his ruthless approach to gaining power.

9 Lou Solverson and Dick Wickware

There are many police characters in the series, some of whom are good people, while others are less so. Lou Solverson is one of the best examples of a good cop. He’s level-headed, brave, and cares about people.

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Dick Wickware is an American bailiff who is a bit tougher around the edges. He seems to harbor some racist beliefs that probably don’t sit well with Lou. But he’s also a good cop who takes a smart approach to his job. If they worked together on a case, these law enforcement officers would get along.

8 Gus Grimly and Bill Oswalt

colin hanks and bob odenkirk

Not everyone can be a dedicated and courageous cop like Lou Solverson and that’s where cops like Gus and Bill come in. Both men appeared on the show’s first season, but were unable to share screen time together.

They are both good-hearted men who care deeply about people, but they may not be cut out for the world of police. To their credit, both men find they are unfit for the roles they play and make a change. They would probably join their big hearts and self-awareness.

7 Peggy blumquist and oraetta mayflower

kirsten dunst and jessie buckley

As for the blame to be attributed to them, Peggy and Oraetta are quite different. Peggy is a housewife seeking to escape the prison of domestic life when she accidentally runs over a mobster and makes a series of bad decisions. Oraetta is a nurse who poisons people and kills her patients.

However, these women also have a distorted sense of reality and see the world differently from everyone else. Neither is willing to take responsibility for their actions, and Peggy appears to be a bit naive, so Oraetta’s charms could win her over.

6 Lester Nygard and Emmit Stussy

martin freeman and ewan mcgregor

While the series is full of terrifyingly violent villains, it is also full of cowardly people who do terrible things out of greed. Such is the case with Lester from season 1 and Emmit from season 3.

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When introduced, these two characters are quiet and reserved family men. However, they soon find themselves in trouble, and instead of doing the right thing, their instinct is to hurt and betray those close to them to get rich and get out of trouble.

5 Hanzee Dent and Rabbi Milligan

In Season 2 and Season 4, the stories revolve around crime families and also feature characters who are involved with the crime family but still see themselves as outsiders. Hanzee is a native who works as the muscle of the Gerhardt family. Rabbi Milligan is a soldier in the Fadda family.

None of these men is really accepted in any of these families. Both also have their own principles and missions that lead them to turn their backs on their allies in the end.

4 Lorne Malvo and Vm Varga

Billy Bob Thorton and David Thewlis

Two of the series’ most memorable villains are also two of the characters least likely to have friends. However, it’s hard to deny that Lorne and VM would be intrigued by each other.

Both men are ruthless in what they do and will kill without a second thought if they feel they need it. They are also very smart at interpreting people and staying hidden from view. It would be fascinating to be a fly on the wall if these two ever had a conversation.

3 Loy Cannon and Floyd Gerhardt

chris rock and jean smart

The head of the Gerhardt crime family from season 2 is a woman named Floyd Gerhardt who takes on the leadership role after her husband’s stroke. In season 4, the Cannon crime family is led by Loy Cannon, a black man looking to take over a larger piece of the city’s territory.

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Neither of these people is respected outside of their family and both are seen as inferior. However, they rise to the occasion as strong leaders who also care deeply for their families and want them to be safe.

two Nikki Swango and Mike Milligan

mary elizabeth winstead and bokine woodbine

Nikki and Mike are two of the most popular characters the show has produced. Nikki is Ray Stussy’s criminal girlfriend who seeks revenge when he is wronged. Mike is a crime syndicate officer looking to prove himself.

They are both very charismatic people, but their true similarities come when they have their backs against the wall. Even as the underdog, Nikki and Mike know how to outwit everyone around them and get what they want.

1 Gloria Burgle and Molly Solverson

carrie coon and allison tolman

Molly Solverson is Lou Solverson’s adult daughter who looks like her father, becoming a very accomplished cop in her own right. Gloria Burgle from season 3 is another one of the show’s good and honest police officers.

Molly and Gloria are very similar in many ways. They both trust their abilities as police officers even when others doubt them. They are also determined to overcome their cases and overcome the many obstacles that stand in their way to do so.

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