The golden girls He took four “of a certain age” women and showed them living glamorous lives filled with laughter, excitement and sex appeal. The series reminded viewers that their “golden years” didn’t have to be boring, listless, or disheveled. Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose wore vibrant outfits, attended social events and charity functions, and dined at some of the best restaurants in Miami.

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Yet despite their fabulous lifestyles, the girls did not shy away from discussions of fiscal responsibility or the pitfalls of age discrimination in the workplace. After all, there were many reasons they lived together, and one of them was financial security. They entertained everyone from the president to their children because they shared what they had and their door was always open, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering how much money came into their lives.

9 Michael Zbornak

Michael Zbornak

Michael was Dorothy’s generous musician son who only seemed to visit his mother when he needed money or a couch to sleep on. He often came to Miami bankrupt and without a concert. She eventually married the lead singer of her last band, but they divorced a few years later.

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Michael never seemed to be able to act well, leaving chaos in the wake of his selfish actions. When he slept with Rose’s daughter, who was visiting at the same time as him, he nearly ruined Dorothy and Rose’s roommate relationship due to his personal investment in each of their son’s shares.

8 Rebecca Devereaux

Rebecca Devereaux

Blanche’s daughter Rebecca had been a former beauty model who, after being in an abusive relationship, gained a significant amount of weight. Presumably she still had some money from her days in the fashion industry, but it’s never specifically stated, and her dependence on her mocking husband strained her relationship with her mother.

She later went on to have a child by artificial insemination on her own, and decided to care for him without her husband. It is possible that after losing weight, she returned to a modeling career.

7 Salvadore petrillo

Salvadore petrillo

Not much was known about how Salvadore Petrillo made his money, especially considering how Sophia’s flashbacks often portrayed her as the brains of the house. Regardless, he was able to help support his family of five during the Great Depression in Brooklyn and left Sophia with minimal savings.

All that Salvadore left Sophia with was enough to help her secure a room at the Shady Pines retirement home until she burned down in an incident involving a hot plate, eventually moving in with Dorothy, Blanche and Rose.

6 Sophia petrillo

Dorothy Sophia the Golden Girls

Sophia Petrillo worked her entire life, from living in Sicily to emigrating to Brooklyn in the 1920s. Despite the Great Depression and having three children to care for, she worked alongside her Salvadore husband to ensure that food was always in table.

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In her later years, despite relying on her daughter Dorothy after a mild stroke, she still tried to support herself by working in fast food, starting her own business making spaghetti sauce, and even getting into the sandwich-making business. . .

5 Miles Webber

Rosa and miles starlight

Miles was Rose’s boyfriend who worked as a history professor at the local university. Later in their relationship, Rose came to know her true identity as an accountant for an imprisoned mob boss who had been forced into witness protection.

Due to his position as a teacher, he received a fairly good salary and, being a profligate, he withheld much of his income. He could afford to live alone in a respectable home he had previously shared with his late wife, with no roommates (but frequently visited by a doting daughter).

4 Rose nylund

Rose Nylund (Betty White) in

Rose was an orphan adopted by two Norwegian parents and raised in the farming community of St. Olaf, Minnesota. There she met her husband Charlie and lived comfortably until his death, which, while providing her with some inheritance, had been lost mainly due to a series of bad investments by her late husband.

Rose worked as a grief counselor, waitress, telephone operator, consumer reporting assistant for Enrique Mas, and various other jobs to make ends meet. He lived quite comfortably, but because he often did not have a long-term job, his salary often fluctuated wildly.

3 Dorothy Zbornak

Bea Arthur headshots

Dorothy was born to working-class parents who instilled in her a stubborn sense of determination and a strong work ethic, which she applied to being an educator. Her husband Stan constantly tried to sell prank gifts and participate in get-rich-quick schemes, leaving Dorothy to support their two children.

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She worked as a substitute high school teacher teaching American history and English, and in the evenings she coached adults interested in passing their high school equivalency exams. She received alimony from Stan combined with her teaching salary and seemed to always be financially stable.

two Blanche devereaux

Blanche devereaux

Growing up in Atlanta society, Blanche Devereaux was used to the finer things in life. He lived on a large plantation, where Big Daddy gave him everything he wanted. When she moved to Miami with her husband George, they lived a comfortable life in the four-bedroom house that she would eventually rent to Sophia, Rose, and Dorothy after George’s death.

Blanche worked in the art museum, attended many society functions, and was part of various charities and social groups. Of all her roommates, she was the most outgoing, shopped in most stores, wore the most glamorous clothes, and seemed to live extravagantly.

1 Stan zbornak

Stan Zbornak in The Golden Girls

It may surprise some fans that even though Sophia refers to Stan as a “yutz” and Dorothy regularly calls him a “barfbag”, he became the richest main character in the series thanks to the invention of the “Zbornie”, the baked potato opener that finally stopped. him hanging around the house asking Dorothy for money.

One of his get-rich-quick schemes not only paid off, it flourished, and the Zbornie was picked up by various international markets, starting with Japan.

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