The death of Grey’s Anatomy The main male character, Derek Shepherd, in season 11 was once thought of as this series’ downfall trap. But that was not the case, as the show’s ratings remained strong to this day after 17 seasons produced.

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But quotes like “It’s a beautiful day to save lives” were commonly heard from her character. Your advice can be really enriching, but it can go from being overly dramatic to overly selfish at times.

10 Better: “If you don’t feel the losses … that’s when you know you’re not cut out for this type of job.”

Derek was very empathetic to his patients and often respected their wishes / fears right away, even if there was hope of treating these people. He had a compassionate nature and viewers could see that patients would find comfort in Derek’s presence considering how caring he was. Even right before his death, Derek didn’t think twice about rescuing someone else. So when he shared this advice, he practically summed up that a medical professional must have a calling to help others, but also humanity to mourn the loss of human life.

9 The worst: “This is how a boss does things. Take note.”

When Derek was Boss, he had times when he was a jerk to Richard. While his talent as a surgeon was unquestionable, sometimes his arrogance and insufferable ego got the better of him when he gave advice to others. In fact, his words might turn out more like cold-hearted speeches than pieces of wisdom.

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So when he turned to his former Head of Surgery and said the quote above, almost everyone agrees that even though he was right, he was acting snobbish. Also, Derek had been the one who used Richard’s battle with alcoholism to bring down his position as boss. Therefore, this advice sounds infuriating to most viewers.

8 Better: “Advances don’t happen because of medicine. Real breakthroughs happen because someone is afraid to stop trying. “

In another conversation with Dr. Webber, during Season 7, there was a scene where Dr. Shepherd said this profound quote. Despite being said at a time when he was feeling depressed after losing a pregnant patient, these words wonderfully serve as advice for any clinician facing challenges. It suggests that physicians should constantly strive to find solutions that help cure their patients, even if medicine doesn’t have all the answers. Derek went so far as to leave the hospital due to this heartbreaking loss but eventually returned.

7 The worst: “It wouldn’t be love if it weren’t like that.”

Derek and Amelia were brothers but it’s no secret that, in his final season, he was intimidated by his sister’s superior position. But when Amelia told him that she was falling in love with Owen Hunt and how scared she was that he would destroy her, Derek responded with the above quote, probably due to his own feelings for Meredith.

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However, these words weren’t really good advice as they feel lacking in depth and meaning. It seems like a childish vision of a loving relationship, in which “love” is only a valid feeling if someone is afraid of losing their identity and strength due to that emotional connection with another.

6 Best of: “Ask most surgeons why they became surgeons and they will usually tell you the same thing. The high, the emotion of the cut. For me, it was silence. Peace is not a permanent state. It exists in moments. He left before we knew he was there. “

Say what you want about some of his choices in life, but Derek had some amazing and deep thoughts about his profession and the human condition. This quote is a great reminder of how people should seek more peaceful moments in their lives, as his point of view on the quiet environment of a surgery was where he used to find his peace. And he added: “We can experience it at any time, in an act of kindness from a stranger or in a task that requires complete focus. The trick is to know when they are happening so that you can hug them, live in them. And finally, let them go.”

5 The worst: “When it hurts so much that you can’t breathe, this is how you survive. Remembering that one day, somehow, in an impossible way, you won’t feel that way.”

This comment turned into advice was actually a split quote from Derek and Izzie Stevens. It easily reminds people of the classic saying “this too will pass”, even if it is said in a very dramatic way. If it had been said with a simple and wise approach, it would have sounded much better. To suggest that because you are experiencing the most severe form of pain that you are surviving seems a bit out of place. Surely everyone’s pain is real and when it exists it can feel like a dark feeling that will impact forever. But this is not usually true nor is it “impossible” for it to disappear.

4 Better: “Human life is made up of choices. Yes or no. Live or die. Hero or coward. Fight or give in. I’ll say it again to make sure you hear me.”

And Derek went on to say, “Human life is made up of choices. Live or die. That’s the important choice. And it’s not always in our hands.” This reflection came at the end of a life-threatening episode when he was shot by a bereaved husband who was seeking revenge for the loss of his wife, who had died at Seattle Grace Hospital. Derek almost died too, but was able to be saved by Meredith and Yang, after choosing to “fight and not give in”, in a shocking event that “was not in their hands” as he put it. In-depth advice on how to make decisions to live more consciously and fight for what / who you want to have / be.

3 Worst: “He’s happy with the eyeball doctor. So make sure you love him because you love him and not because he’s with someone else.”

Derek’s friendship with Lexie did not begin closely but, through Meredith, things progressively developed. However, it was only during season 8 that these two began trusting each other with things, especially due to their on-and-off relationship with their best friend, Mark Sloan. Eventually Derek became the role of older brother towards her giving brilliant advice both personally and professionally. However, the above quote was not one of those moments. It just feels shallow and insubstantial compared to other suggestions you’ve made in the past.

two Better: “The only skills you can count on are yours. Until one day, when you leave the classroom and walk into the operating room, you are surrounded by a team that you have to trust, whether you trust them or not.”

A world-class surgeon, Derek was power-hungry and one of the most ambitious characters on the show. On one occasion, he performed high-risk, unauthorized surgery and dared to fire Richard when the Chief fired him. Nonetheless, some of her advice was really good, like the quote above. Any new surgeon entering the operating room needed to understand that once they were there, it was no longer about what they could do. It’s about what a team can offer together.

1 The worst: “You don’t have to do everything I do.”

Fans know that Mark earned the title of Derek’s “best friend,” even if their relationship had been difficult at times. And the public got used to seeing Mark as a “womanizer”. But as this character grew, so did his plans for his love life. When Lexie Gray appeared, there was a phase where it seemed like she was trying to mirror Shepherd’s behaviors towards Meredith. It was then that Derek advised her not to move in with little Gray just yet, proceeding with the above date. Of course, Mark reacted negatively as this was not the best way to put things … But not surprisingly, these words were totally “Derek’s egocentric style”.

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