Anyone who has seen the Naruto Y Naruto shippuden The anime knows that it is a shonen anime with a lot of filler. Despite having non-canonical material implemented, many argue that Naruto has one of the best filler arches in anime.

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Not only does the franchise have some great filler arcs, but some like to highlight exclusive filler characters like Guren, who served their purpose in their story arc. So there are nine other Naruto characters, like Guren, who only exist in the filler episodes of the franchise noteworthy.

10 Three-Tailed Throwing Arc: Guren, a sadistic Kunoichi with a unique Kekkai Genkai

Guren looks disgusted

An anime-only character that is part of a team that gave Hinata a fight she shouldn’t have won was Team Guren, led by a kunoichi of the same name. Having been a loyal servant of Orochimaru, Guren was a sadistic villain who committed brutal acts without hesitation to please his new master.

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Guren was wary of others and even had her doubts towards Kabuto and his loyalty to Orochimaru. Possessing an intriguing and unique Crystal Release kekkai genkai that allowed her to manipulate crystal structures to form walls and mini crystal shurikens, she served to worry Team Kurenai.

9 Twelve Guardians Arc: Sora, the nine-tailed pseudo Jinchuriki with trust issues

Sora is giving off an arrogant expression.

Sora is not only aNaruto Fans of the characters may have forgotten, but he’s also an anime character in the franchise. Sora debuted in Naruto shippuden The Twelve Guardian filler arc was known to be a pseudo-nine-tailed jinchuriki and was rejected by many in his village.

However, due to his heinous actions of destroying the fire temple with the help of the nine-tailed chakra within himself, Sora developed trust issues and didn’t have many to turn to for guidance. On the other hand, after Naruto’s efforts to save Sora in this arc, Sora turned the page and became a happier person.

8 Arc from the Past: Konoha’s Place: Hanare, a woman with a love interest for Kakashi with abilities to erase her own memory

Hanare looks surprised

A woman Naruto The character that made some fans question Kakashi Hatakfe’s love life was the Hanare from the village of Jomae. Having been saved and cared for by Kakashi during his youth, Hanare developed feelings for the ninja and hoped that he would cross paths with him again.

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During his spy mission in Konoha requested by his village superiors, the Third Hokage asks Kakashi to observe his every move, leading to an accidental make-out session between the two thanks to Naruto. Hanare’s ability to erase information from her mind was not only intriguing, but giving Kakashi a love interest shook things up a bit, even though she was an anime-only character.

7 In the footsteps of Naruto: The Ways of Friends: Shira, a Taijutsu-style fighter who helps Gaara

Shira is in fighting stance

Although Shira is not one of the strongest Taijutsu users in Naruto, his past life and the motivation to improve his skills are noteworthy as an anime exclusive character. Having been ridiculed for her lack of skills in ninjutsu and genjutsu, Shira was not allowed to enter the Sunagakure Academy.

In retaliation, Shira continued to work on her Taijutsu skills to prove her detractors wrong. However, after impressing Gaara with her Taijutsu skills and offering to train him in this fighting style, Shira gained acceptance in the academy thanks to Gaara abolishing the rule that prevented Shira from accepting her.

6 Three-Tailed Spawn Arc: Yukimaru, an Orochimaru Test Subject, and a Three-Tailed Control Tool

Yukimaru is looking at his hand.

Yukimaru is not just a Naruto character that existed in the filler episode, but a test subject for Orochimaru, whose sole purpose was to help the villain control the three tails. Kabuto conducts various experiments with Yukimaru by giving him pills to help the boy contain the power of the three tails for longer.

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Orochimaru doesn’t stop there as he pairs Yukimaru with Guren in the hope that if Yukimaru sees something tragic happen to Guren, he will lose control and unleash the power of the three tails. Despite existing only in the filler episodes, Yukimaru’s life under Orochimaru’s eyes emphasizes the iconic villain’s cruelty towards people.

5 Six-Tails Unleashed Arc: Hotaru, a Tsuchigumo Kunoichi Six-Tails Jinchuriki’s Mentor

Hotaru is looking behind her

A woman Naruto character who wanted to defend the legacy of his clan no matter what Hotaru was. Hotaru is a determined kunoichi who did not give up during her training with Utakata, the six-tailed Jinchuriki. She was also known for being independent but determined to protect her master by any means necessary.

While Hotaru is captured by a villain named Shiragami, her master Utakata saves her, while Naruto defeats Shiragami alone. However, after Utakata decides to part ways with Hotaru, Utakata ends up being beaten and captured by Pain, leaving Hotaru alone in a field.

4 Star Guard Mission Arc: Natsuhi, a Jonin from Hoshigakura who completed his village’s star training

Natsuhi is holding something

As one of the powerful ninja from the village of Hoshigakure who completed a mysterious stellar training regimen and learned the Mysterious Peacock Method, Natsuhi was a prominent ninja with great potential. After Natsuhi hears what star training is doing to her fellow ninja, she decides to end the regime.

With the power to fight the Third Hoshikage, Akahoshi, Natsuhi served as a strong ally for Naruto and his comrades. His help was needed to help Naruto defeat Akahoshi after his chakra improved because he infused a star into his chest. Sharing his chakra with Naruto helped him defeat Akahoshi.

3 Land of Rice Fields Research Arc: Sasame, a ninja hell-bent on finding his friend Arashi and restoring his clan’s glory

Sasame seems surprised

Although Naruto’s accidental observation session on Sasame is not one of the most shocking moments in the anime, it served its purpose during the Land of Rice Fields research mission arc. Intending to find Arashi, Sasame became an ally of Naruto and his friends after discovering his comrade’s devious attempt to kill Naruto and his friends.

Although Sasame doesn’t show much potential in the arc, she saves and helps Naruto defeat Arashi after seeing what had become of him. Therefore, after that intense battle is concluded, she vows to restore her clan’s glory by holding the mantle that Arashi left behind.

two Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission: Yakumo Kurama, a Kunoichi who sought revenge on Kurenai and Konoha

Yakumo looks angry

A kunoichi whose fragile body prevented her from becoming a full-fledged ninja, who was Kurenai Yuhi’s mentor is Yakumo Kurama. Despite fans arguing that Kurenai is one of the best teachers in Naruto, was unable to channel the relationship Yakumo wanted from her, thus sealing her power at the Third Hokage’s demand.

Outraged, Yakumo’s occult powers destroyed Kurenai’s seal and allowed him to travel to Konoha to seek revenge. However, after a little help from the Might Guy, Hinata, and Naruto, Yakumo understood why Kurenai did what she did and gave up her quest for revenge.

1 Power Arc: Miina, a girl with extraordinary psychic powers

Miina looks sad

Although Miina may look like a little girl, she has incredible psychic powers that not only allow her to see into the future, but can also help Naruto control his tailed beast. Miina is a sensitive and shy girl who can feel bad intentions in others and can heal pollution without problems.

Miina also possesses the power to look at and manipulate the subconscious of others, as there is a scene where she helps Naruto calm the tailed beast within himself. For an anime-only character, these powers make Miina an intriguing one among many.

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