Gryffindor is not only the most prominent of all the Hogwarts Houses, but also the one that gets all the action. Harry and company belong to Gryffindor and are wonderful representatives of the House. Gryffindors are brave, chivalrous, honorable, and daring. However, they are also proud, arrogant, impulsive, reckless, and overly emotional.

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Throughout history, and due to JK Rowling’s obvious preference for the House of Gold and Scarlet, the Gryffindors are painted as heroic and inspiring. However, on closer inspection, it’s easy to see that for all his assets and triumphs, Gryffindor is less charming than he appears. And while the novels present a one-sided look at the House, readers and fans can tell that there are many things in Gryffindor Tower that don’t make much sense.

10 Why do they always win the House Cup?

Hufflepuff House Cup

Before the start of the series, Slytherin won the House Cup for six years in a row. After all, this made sense. After all, Slytherins are famous for being ambitious, cunning, and most of all, resourceful. However, once Harry arrives at Hogwarts, things take a drastic turn.

Gryffindor wins the House Cup for Harry’s first three years. And why exactly? All the Gryffindors do is get in trouble. They are reckless and don’t exactly follow the rules. They’re not the brightest either, that’s Ravenclaw. In the end, it all comes down to last minute points awarded to Harry’s heroic deeds. And considering that the House Cup is meant to be a consistent year-long endeavor, then it’s safe to say they don’t deserve their victories.

9 Why are they so cocky?

Gryffindors are perceived as arrogant. Even the prefect’s welcome message makes it clear. However, it is interesting to ponder why they are arrogant in the first place. Is it because of his daring and supposedly heroic character?

Ravenclaw’s pride can be attributed to their wisdom and Slytherin’s to their ambition. But what exactly does Gryffindor have to justify his arrogance? Courage can only get you so far, and the books state many times that Harry has more fortune than his fair share when it comes to life and death situations. Perhaps what the house needs is a little more humility.

8 How does the Gryffindor sword work?

Since its first appearance in Chamber of secretsGodric Gryffindor’s sword is little more than a deus ex machina. It is a way to rescue Harry from certain death and then a way to destroy the Horcruxes. Little information is given about the sword, precisely because the less the reader knows, the better.

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The sword seems to have a mind of its own. And while that is common in the Wizarding World, a lot is said about how these items are dangerous and should never be used, much less dependent on them. So why is the sword seen as a hero’s tool? Why doesn’t anyone question their own existence?

7 Why was Peter Pettigrew a Gryffindor?

Treacherous and cowardly, Peter Pettigrew seems to be everything the Gryffindors are not. He is selfish and dangerous, pretending to be weak while hiding a knife behind his back. All these terrible attributes make him an ideal servant for Voldemort because someone so weak and uncomplicated would want power in the easiest way.

However, that does not explain his classification to Gryffindor. It is possible that he did not have enough qualities for Ravenclaw, and his weak nature probably canceled Slytherin. However, his cowardice and opportunism surely made him unviable for Gryffindor.

6 Why are there few dark wizards in Gryffindor?

And speaking of bad people, why do all Dark Wizards come from Slytherin? Ambition and ingenuity are not necessarily synonymous with evil and cruelty. Slytherins yearn for power, but so do many people. And being determined and cunning doesn’t mean they are murderous villains.

The bias against Slytherin is especially obvious when some negative traits of the other Houses are taken into consideration. Gryffindors, for example, are impulsive and reckless. They always believe they are right, which fits the profile of many doubtful people in history. After all, most villains believe they are the heroes of the story.

5 Why is its color golden?

Gryffindor wins the Harry Potter House Cup

Hogwarts Houses roughly correspond to one of the four elements. Slytherin is water, Ravenclaw is air, Hufflepuff is air, and Gryffindor is, of course, fire. This largely explains the red in the Gryffindor colors and could also justify the gold.

Another more cynical explanation would be that the House chose gold because it believes that they themselves are the winners. It’s fitting that JK Rowling’s favorite house is the gold one, while Slytherin and Ravenclaw each took silver and bronze. This also fits with the roles and importance given to each house during the series. But if Gryffindor represented gold, why did they always lose before Harry arrived?

4 Why are they seen as underdogs?

At the beginning of the series, Gryffindor is clearly seen as the underdog. Sadly, they claim that they have lost the House Cup to Slytherin for six years in a row and due to the events of the first book, they finish last in the competition. However, thanks to a few very convenient last points, they finally win and their fate finally changes.

If the Gryffindors are supposed to be the golden boys and girls at Hogwarts, why are they often portrayed as underdogs? Sometimes they even take on the role of literal outcasts, such as when the other three Houses resent Harry’s inclusion in the Triwizard Tournament, or when the Ministry successfully turns the Wizarding World against Harry. It makes no sense that such a proud House is at the center of so many attacks.

3 Why do they use passwords?

Elizabeth Spriggs and Dawn French as The Fat Lady in Harry Potter

The way to the Gryffindor Common Room is through the Fat Lady portrait. You need a password, which is apparently constantly changing, to be able to enter. Considering that Hogwarts is a literal school of magic, one might think that they would have better ways of keeping intruders out. Ravenclaw, for example, has riddles, which is a very effective way of repelling those who don’t belong.

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Prisoner of Azkaban It shows the dangers of the system when Neville’s scroll with the passwords is stolen, allowing Sirius to enter the Gryffindor Tower. However, many places in Hogwarts use passwords, so it’s not like this is just a Gryffindor problem.

two Why is your common room in a tower?

And speaking of the Common Room, why is Gryffindor in a tower? Ravenclaw makes sense, after all, its element is air. Slytherin is in the dungeons, underwater, also quite appropriate. But like Hufflepuff’s, the Gryffindor Common Room has no apparent correlation to either his element or his pet.

Shouldn’t the Gryffindor common room be at ground level, to better suit both its lion emblem and its element of fire? Maybe somewhere near the Hogwarts grounds, or maybe in a space near the viaduct? Having them in a tower seems to be more of a desire to provide a “cool” place for your Common Room.

1 Why are the stars?

harry ron hermione

Considering the traits of the other Houses, it’s easy to wonder why Gryffindor was chosen as the House of the protagonists. Hermione is clearly a Ravenclaw and it could be argued that Ron and Neville are Hufflepuffs. Similarly, Harry makes more sense in Slytherin. So why did Rowling go to Gryffindor?

It’s clear that Gryffindor is the House of Heroes, making it an obvious and unsurprising choice for the characters. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if the hero came from Slytherin? Or maybe from Hufflepuff, and then Harry could have been a real underdog? With three possibly more interesting Houses, it is strange that the most obvious ends up being the most important.

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