Generally speaking, the world of Riverdale It is wilder than Potter-verse even though the latter has witches and wizards and a true Dark Lord. Riverdale kids probably have the same amount of emotional trauma as anyone who witnessed the Battle of Hogwarts. Which begs the question, what would happen if the two worlds collided?

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Who would befriend whom? Would Harry find a friend at Riverdale High School? Who would be in the squad of Malfoy, Veronica, Cheryl or Jughead? Here are the friendships that would work if Riverdale knew the world of Harry Potter and the friendships that would turn ugly.

10 Hermione and Betty: would work

Hermione Granger Betty Cooper Riverdale Harry Potter

Hermione and Betty are relatively similar people; both are enormously brave and cerebral truth seekers. A friendship between the two of you would also have a very strong intellectual foundation, driven by mutual respect and appreciation. The two women are also misunderstood very often, most of the time by those who are closest to them. They are often perceived as inflexible or stubborn, but they have also gone to great lengths to protect the people who are important to them, which really goes to show how resourceful they can be. If they were friends, they would be an unstoppable force.

9 Harry and Veronica: they would get ugly

Harry Potter Veronica Lodge

Both Veronica Lodge and Harry Potter have had a difficult childhood, but while Veronica wants to put her father’s scandal behind her and start over, Harry wants to learn more about her parents. Both characters are often driven by their past as it follows them into their adult lives.

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These two could certainly be linked in some way, but their friendship really doesn’t stand a chance as they are really different people. Veronica is confident about her place in the world and can often get nasty when she feels threatened. Harry, on the other hand, is disinterested and his priorities are very different from Veronica, who is very affected by materialism.

8 Mrs. Weasley and Hermione Lodge: It would work

Mrs. Weasley Veronica Lodge

Despite the difference in their personalities and lifestyles, it’s easy to see how Hermione Lodge and Ms. Molly Weasley would be friends. They both understand how difficult a father’s job is, and while Hermione is a former mobster who has been involved in pretty shallow things, she is very self-sufficient, which is a trait she shares with Ms. Weasley. Hermione and her daughter Veronica’s relationship is somewhat more complicated than the dynamic that Ms. Weasley shares with her own children, and while their parenting styles may be different, they could be amazing friends and allies.

7 Malfoy and Jughead: They would get ugly

Jughead Riverdale Malfoy Harry Potter

Jughead is often drawn to powerful allies or even influential people, but not for obvious reasons. This is how he became curious about the south side serpents and eventually ended up being their leader; It is safe to say that he is intrigued by power and enjoys it. However, his approach to power is very different from that of Draco Malfoy, whose reasons are much more selfish.

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One could easily see Jughead befriending Malfoy, due to his connections or background, but their priorities are vastly different and it wouldn’t take Jughead long to see how wrong they are as friends.

6 Fred and Snape: They would work

Fred Riverdale Snape Harry Potter

They both know the pitfalls of harboring crucial secrets and can be powerful allies to the people around them. What people don’t realize about Snape is that he was a prolific decision maker and was quick to judge the severity of a problem because he was largely driven by reason. Fred was also a very good problem solver, essentially because he was eager to get to the root of any situation and was quite selfless. These two could strike up an unlikely but strong friendship and could become great confidants.

5 Hermione and Archie: they would get ugly

Hermione Riverdale Archie

Archie has proven to be quite indecisive. In Riverdale, he just doesn’t seem to be able to make a call, and this is exactly the kind of thing that will likely drive Hermione away. Hermione is confident and the person to turn to when making difficult decisions. It can be brutal if necessary, like the way she mustered the courage to erase all the memories her parents had of her to support Harry in his quest and save the wizarding world.

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Archie and Hermione can strike up a friendship as they are both interested in learning new things, even academically, however Hermione will likely end up finding it quite tedious.

4 Jughead and Ron: They would work

Jughead Ron Weasley

Ron and Jughead are a curious mix of confident and reserved personalities; They are brave enough to take charge and make sacrifices, but they also know exactly when to step aside. Neither of you yearns to be the center of attention and you are both quite self-aware. Because of all this, they are likely to be great friends. Not only do they understand how important loyalty and integrity are, but, as individuals, they are incredibly resilient and unafraid to take on any challenge to help their loved ones.

3 Cheryl and Malfoy: they would get ugly

Cheryl Riverdale Draco Malfoy

Malfoy and Cheryl crave attention and want everyone in the room to be aware of their presence. Despite their strong personality, it is unlikely that they will be able to maintain a friendship with each other because they are too alike. Malfoy especially needs the men who do surround him to be his cheerleaders.

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Cheryl also demands unconditional loyalty from those around her. These two can find themselves driven towards each other as they are often looking for influential company, but their friendship is sure to turn ugly.

two Betty and Ginny: They would work

Ginny Weasley Betty Cooper Harry Potter

Betty and Ginny share several similar perspectives, especially when it comes to love. They probably agree on other things as well, but the only thing they share is their ability to be selfless. They are both really brave and can exceed their own expectations in times of crisis. Also, they are not fully aware of their own potential, which would explain why Betty often surprises herself with her decisions regarding her loved ones. Ginny and Betty can be great allies and cheers to each other because they both need uplifting people in their lives to realize how powerful they are on their own and obviously they will come to appreciate each other.

1 Harry and Archie: they would get ugly

Harry Potter Archie

Harry and Archie are very different protagonists and they also look for different kinds of friends in life. Archie can be quite selfish when the going gets tough, while Harry has known great battles and is keenly aware of what loss is from a very young age. This is what makes the difference between the two; They are both pack builders and people are ready to follow, but Harry is a much better leader. Harry is driven towards people with a fundamental belief system. Harry and Archie may be companions and could even be allies, but their friendship will not stand the test of time as they will eventually realize how different they are from each other and may even dissociate.

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