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I sure chose a strange time to start reading Ready Player Two. Last night, I learned about the new invention of the fictional Halliday, which allows OASIS players to blur the lines between real reality and virtual reality. Sony’s own PlayStation VR platform falls short of the unlikely standards of Ernest clineis the latest novel, but they are moving towards improving their own virtual reality system for their next generation console, the PS5.

In an article posted on the PlayStation blog, Senior Vice President of Platform Planning and Management Hideaki nishino has exposed the first details of the next generation of PS VR. The improved technology aims to “enable the best entertainment experience with dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity. Players will feel an even greater sense of presence and will be even more immersed in their game worlds once they put on the new headphones.” Yes, new incoming head hardware, along with a new VR controller, which will be similar to the new DualSense controller on the PS5.

With the new peripherals comes an upgrade for “everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input,” as Nishino puts it. The biggest selling point for me at the moment is the single cable connection “to simplify setup and improve ease of use, while allowing for a high fidelity viewing experience.”

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In a separate interview with Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in GQ, more details emerged about the next generation of PS VR. Don’t call it PS VR 2 since that’s not the name (yet); they also don’t have an official one for it at the moment. Ryan, however, teased the upcoming changes to the PS VR system:

So this will be a completely new VR format for PS5. PlayStation has seen virtual reality as a strategic opportunity and a great history of innovation. We believe that there are two themes that you are going to see: us capturing the technological progress that has taken place since the current virtual reality system hit the market and a considerable amount of lessons learned. Because the current system was the first. [Changes will be] things like going to a single cable setup very easy with this and many other similar learnings. Dev kits are about to come out.

There are currently no hardware specs available, and there is no news today about developer support from Sony’s internal publishers and partners, but as Ryan said, “obviously we will launch our new VR system with the appropriate software support.” When exactly?

We won’t get our hands on it until 2022 at the earliest, as Nishino confirmed that the PS VR update won’t be available this year. Stay tuned.

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