Now where did I put those unopened first edition packages …


At the time of writing, there are over 150,000 Twitch viewers watching popular streamers. Trymacs open card packs of the First Edition of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. If you’re like me, maybe you remember the Pokémon TCG lovingly but through the lens of nostalgia. The tactile card game that built on the unstoppable success of the video game / anime franchise was aimed at younger gamers when it debuted in the mid-1990s. Now, nearly 25 years later, Pokémon TCG Not only does it enjoy continued worldwide popularity, but even a resurgence of interest from fans of all ages.

So what is the reason behind the sudden rise in this unexpected trend? Well, there are quite a few. First of all, Pokémon TCG it never exactly stopped being popular. More than 30.4 billion cards have been soldand it has remained a best-selling extension of the franchise even as more video game titles have been released to grab the headlines over the years. Pokémon TCG it wisely keeps pace with the rest of the franchise, continuing to release new expansions like “Sword and Shield – Darkness Ablaze” and its VMAX mons. That, and the related Gigantamax PokémonIsmon that were introduced in the recent expansion, are an example of the new mechanics that TCG introduces every year. But that alone doesn’t explain the rising popularity of late.

With Pokemon Turning 25 on February 27, the Twitch fanbase continues to embrace the franchise through different streams of content, including cartoons, games, sports, Y trading card unboxing. It is this last category that has absolutely exploded in the last year. Based on Twitch metrics, streams showing unboxing of the original Pokemon decks have shown over 3,000% growth in monthly viewing hours during the pandemic, from March 2020 to January 2021. That was good enough to become the second most popular. Pokemon category behind Pokémon Sword / Shield.

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In a “Torchic and the Egg” situation, it is difficult to pin down which came first, the rise in popularity of Pokemon TCG itself or that of the streamers who took advantage of the trend. Some of the best income in the world from Twitch, YouTube and the like were definitely factors in increasing prices of original covers without box and / or take viewers to find them, regardless of cost. (You better believe I asked my little brother if he had any unopened packages lying around. For the record, he doesn’t … or at least that’s what he told me.)

So it’s this combination of viewers stuck at home looking for new and enjoyable content, the nostalgia factor for vintage. Pokemon JCC cards, the worldwide popularity of both the brand and the streamers that are giving it prominence, and the excitement of the unknown as you watch those streamers open a sealed deck, hoping to get it. the rarest of rare cards. Do you think you have one of these letters lying around? Do yourself a favor and check again, or just take advantage of the current frenzy and take part in the Make fun!

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