Given his dark materials attacks on God, the Catholic Church, and organized religion in general, it is surprising that he was not more controversial.

After some 25 years of existence, the story told in Philip Pullman Its dark materials The novel series has become truly popular due to the television adaptation of HBO and the BBC. However, the road to the show has been fraught with dangers, including the failed 2007 film adaptation of the first book, the Golden Compass. Even before that failed franchise vehicle, however, the series got its fair share of scorn.

This grew out of the very premise of the story, which is atheistic in nature. It is shocking Its darkness Materials it was not more controversial since it criticizes God, the Catholic Church and organized religion in general. Still, the series was a nightmare for many religious groups, and the novels became a regular on various lists of banned books.

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Paradise found

The premise of the books centers on two children who, along with allies like the talking polar bears and animals called demons, attempt to elude control of the church-like entity, the Magisterium. Meanwhile, the Magisterium seeks to maintain its dominance over the world by virtue of “dust,” which is a substitute for the concept of original sin. In many ways, the series is meant to be a retelling of John Milton. lost paradise, although one in which the tragedy of the Fall is translated as a triumph. God himself also does not emerge unscathed from the story, as he is portrayed as a cold, controlling tyrant.

This anti-religious rhetoric, particularly anti-Christian, soon earned the series an ugly reputation among the faithful. British journalist Peter Hitchens nicknamed Pullman, Britain’s most dangerous author, claims it was the antithesis of CS Lewis that atheists had metaphorically been praying for. The 2008 American Library Association’s list of banned books identified the title as the second most requested book to be banned nationwide.

Pullman himself only incited controversy, since he publicly stated who intended to undermine Christian beliefs with his books. He also said in the past who saw lewis the Chronicles of Narnia as “propaganda at the service of an ideology that hates life”, and that despised the vision of the childhood series as a safe haven before the essentially sexual adulthood that follows it. Given that Pullman’s books so openly and openly try to “kill God,” it is no wonder those with religious convictions sought to combat his growing popularity.

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The boy who lived

Ironically, the controversy and the threat of being banned was always much less severe for His Dark Materials than it logically should have been. Always eclipsing in popularity, and therefore in controversy, was the venerable Harry Potter Serie. Many religious people viewed the use of magic and spells from that series as anti-Christian, if not completely Satanic. Ironically, author JK Rowling identified herself as a Christian and never publicly rejected the religious right or tried to fan the flames of dissent around her books.

Philip Pullman, on the other hand, did just that, making it clear that his works were completely antithetical to the Christian faith. This increased the heat around the 2007 film, as the franchise was now really becoming the focus of the main exhibition. This led to the book being withdrawn from various school libraries in the United States, especially in southern states like Kentucky. However, this was still quite tame compared to the treatment the boy wizard received, leaving even confused Pullman for the lack of criticism he has received for saying and doing much more inflammatory things in his books. And more recently, the HBO series, despite being far more successful than the movie years before, has been far less controversial. Fortunately or unfortunately His Dark materials It seems to always come second to the Rowling series in some capacity, be it notoriety or infamy.

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