There is no more anticipated series in the world of television than Dragon House, the long-awaited prequel / spin-off of game of Thrones, the HBO behemoth approaching the second anniversary of its series finale. Set three centuries before the events of game of Thrones, Dragon House will chronicle some of the earlier tales revolving around House Targaryen, based on George RR Martin’s book, Fire and blood.

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As a highly anticipated series (and one that HBO is betting primarily for 2022), Dragon House it comes with immense anticipation and expectation. Questions pertaining to both the actual content of the series, as well as the broader cultural narrative, are prevalent among fans. Hopefully, the series will easily respond to each of them.

10 The long night

Daenerys and Drogon The Long Night

Before HBO gave the full green light to Dragon HouseIt seemed like her basket was full of “Long Night” flavored eggs. The Naomi Watts lead was slated to bow to Age of Heroes before HBO turned her down before she could hit the show’s stage.

Is this story completely gone? Yes, House of dragons it will focus on a specific period, but any program can jump into time jumps. Even if it’s not a prequel from a long time ago, House of dragons could still exist as an HBO tent pole to set up future Westeros spin-offs, such as The mandalorian It seemed to do for Disney Plus.

9 Capturing the Zeitgeist

Game Of Thrones Logo Header

Dragon House it will certainly be a hugely popular series and in all likelihood the most watched series of 2022 (that is, unless Chris Evans’ project is meant to be a streamer). But can you regain the same magical spirit as game of Thrones?

Thrones It was a giant of the water coolers by its conclusion. Smart money is on Dragon Houseit is a huge success. But the zeitgeist moves quickly. By 2022, AMC could offer the next Crazy men/Breaking bad combination? You never know.

8 Thrones cameos

An easy way to guarantee game of Thronesthematic influence on Dragon House it would be to pull something out of what fans of the previous series liked the most, potentially including some actors. Yes, it is set three hundred years earlier, but the Targaryens are at the heart.

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Will Emilia Clarke return in some way, for example? Will there be any direct ties? If there is to be progress in the program, some family history could provide more insight into the future of this family line.

7 Madness, madness, madness

A potential example of that would be demonstrating the origin of the Targaryen madness. Yes, there is a lot of incest in House Targaryen, but it has to be more than this because incest is rife throughout Westeros, and not all of their products are absolutely insane.

It is well established that the Targaryens are insane. But why? Insanity could be at the center of this series, whether it’s faced with its inception or a perpetual ripple effect. It would be worth exploring a thematic territory and perhaps even providing more context for Dany’s eventual collapse.

6 Septon barth

The story of Aerea Targaryen has been a fan favorite (and, of course, tragic) that grew out of Fire and blood. One of the key figures in his story of escapes and flirting with parasite-ridden death is Septon Barth.

If one is familiar with that name, it is because he is the Westerosi author of “Dragons, Wyrms, and Wyverns: Their Unnatural History”, a book sought after by some characters, including Tyrion. As a low-key figure loved by fans, many wonder if Septon Barth will appear in Fire and blood.

5 West Westeros

Again, full warnings that it is understood where and when Dragon House will take place. But considering audiences will continue to travel to some uncharted territory (especially for more mainstream fans), there is room to explore beyond what already is. known.

Will be Dragon House explore what is west of Westeros? There have been some details here and there, but it has never been a major focus on screen. It would be ambitious for Dragon House expand and could help win over some skeptics of the prequel’s restrictions.

4 Prequel-Itis

House of the Dragon teaser poster

Speaking of issues with the prequels, an important question fans have revolves around the idea of Dragon House defying the trend of the prequels. The Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars – each of these has had lukewarm or downright bad prequels.

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Will be game of Thrones be another victim of this tedious pattern? There are reasons to trust the creative direction of the show (even if we will miss Bryan Cogman) and going back three centuries will help provide some distance. But there is still the danger that a franchise is too scared to venture forward, rather than backward.

3 The presence of dragons

House of the Dragon concept art featured

One lesson fans also hope the racing team will take into account is that dragons aren’t everything. Yes Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal were exciting and cornerstones of game of ThronesBut the fun of the show was in the political intrigue and character interactions.

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Dragon House it will obviously have dragons. It is in the name. But fans are wondering how intrinsic the series’ dragons will be. How many will there be? Will we see someone grow and grow old? And yet one aspect of the dragons is even more key.

two Dragon colors

Daenerys Targaryen with her newborn dragons, played by Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones season 1

What color will they be? This might seem like a pretty innocuous question, but Martin has long been scoffed at, leading fans to think color matters, specifically in terms of Vhagar, who has been teased solely as “pale.”

Vhagar is another fan favorite character, but he obviously takes the side of the dragon. Vhagar’s artistic performances have been divided in multiple directions, which means that her final appearance will be quite a revelation.

1 Beyond the books

Of course, an important question on the minds of many fans is: can the landing be stopped? The reaction of fans to the last season of game of Thrones it was largely negative, as the show went beyond Martin’s books.

Considering Fire and blood was the first in a planned two-volume series that hasn’t had a published follow-up in over two years, the same danger exists here. But the main question looming Dragon House It is, without a doubt, what happens when you go beyond the books?

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