Thistle is a valuable crafting resource in Valheim, used in both food and Mead Bases. It can be difficult to find and cannot be planted.

Many of the items and resources that players find in Valheim they are consumables, or at least they are used to make consumables like food and mead. As with any survival game, in Valheim, players must ensure that their Viking character has enough food to survive the harsh biomes they can explore. As they find more resources, they can cook new recipes that can be combined to provide generous benefits for health, stamina, and health regeneration. Players can also brew Meads, a honey-based alcohol that serves as a From Valheim potions. These are used to replenish health and stamina, improve health and stamina regeneration, or help the player character resist a certain effect, such as cold or poison. One of the key ingredients in several of the best frost and poison resistant foods and meads is Thistle, and this can be a difficult ingredient to find.

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Thistle is found in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. It appears as a vine plant with bright blue bulbs and is easier to see at night. Players may have a hard time locating Thistle due to the lush vegetation of the Black Forest. It can also only be collected as there is no way to plant it and cultivate it at the base. Here’s how to get Thistle in Valheim and how to use it in recipes.

How to grow thistle in Valheim

A player finds Thistle in the Black Forest in Valheim.

Players can normally find Thistle growing in groups of up to five or six plants in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. The Black Forest is generally easier to access, so players may want to focus their attention on those locations, especially if they are still in the early hours of the game.

Like obsidian in the mountain biome, Thistle grows sparsely, although once players find a group they are likely to find a few more spawned in the same general area. Players should make sure to collect whatever they find. They can also make a map marker to remind them of the location for later. Although Thistle won’t respawn in exactly the same location, if players have encountered it at a certain location before, another nearby location will likely spawn a next one.

It is possible to make Thistle more visible on the ground by entering the Settings menu and turning Vegetation quality bottom to bottom. This way, Thistle stands out and won’t get lost so easily.

Valheim road construction

Unlike some of the other plants in Valheim, players will never find Thistle seeds, so they will not be able to plant Thistle on their farm. While this is an option that could be patched later, for now, players should do their best to collect Thistle while exploring.

Thistle is used in two recipes with the best health and stamina benefits: Blood Pudding and Sausage. Blood Pudding provides players with 90 Max Health 50 Max Stamina and 4 HP per Tick of Healing for 2400 seconds, making it a major addition to any Viking’s diet before venturing into a boss fight or difficult terrain. . Sausages aren’t that powerful, but can be paired with Blood Pudding for a massive 60 Max Health, 40 Max Stamina, and 3 HP energy boost per Tick of Healing for 1600 seconds. The recipes for each of these foods are listed below:

  • Blood pudding: 4 barley flour, 2 blood bag, 2 thistle
  • Sausages: 4 thistles, 2 entrails, 1 raw meat

Players must combine the ingredients in a cauldron to finish cooking.

A player cooks in the Cauldron of Valheim.

Thistle is used in both Frost and Poison Resistance Mead. Players will especially want a good supply of frost resistant mead for traveling the mountain biome. Both Meads will provide an upgrade that will last 10 minutes, giving players plenty of time to finish a fight or explore. The recipes for each mead base are listed below:

  • Frost resistant mead: 10 honey, 5 thistle, 2 blood bag, 1 gray dwarf eye
  • Poison resistant mead: 10 honey, 10 charcoal, 5 thistle, 1 necktail

Players will cook the mead base in the cauldron and then place each one in a fermenter for 2 days in game. Each base makes 6 mead.

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