There are many different ways to acquire resources throughout the Valheim course. This guide shows how to tame and raise the different animals.

Without a doubt, some of the most important resources for players to get their hands on Valheim They are the ones that can only be achieved by killing animals. Each of the game’s animals will provide players with meat that can be cooked to increase health / stamina and skin that can be used to craft better weapons and armor. Those who progress further through the game will want to spend a lot of time acquiring resources from these animals.

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However, the problem here is that this can be a lot of work. If the player realizes that they really need a piece of meat or some pieces of leather from a boar, they have to wander the world and find one in the wild. This can be quite annoying for gamers, so the best way to handle it is to tame and raise animals themselves. This guide shows how to make animals reproduce.

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Valheim – How to Raise Animals

A wolf stands out in the Valheim mountain biome

Those who want to raise animals will first need to be able to tame them. Each of the domesticable animals in Valheim they like to eat a specific type of food, and feeding them these foods will eventually tame them. There are currently three different types of animals that players can tame in Valheim:

  • Boars – Boars can be tamed by giving them red mushrooms and berries. Boars can also be raised.
  • Wolves – Players can tame wolves by feeding them raw meat. Wolves can also be bred.
  • Lox – The massive Lox can also be tamed by feeding them barley or blackberries. At this time, players cannot breed them.

The catch for these animals is that players will want to build some kind of fence to catch them before attempting to tame them. Once trapped, the player can keep throwing food at the animal until it has been tamed. Players can then bring at least one more animal to this pen before taming them as well if they want to start raising animals.

With at least two domesticated animals in close proximity to each other, the player will only have to dump more food in the pen to make them happy and give them a chance to breed. The whole process is as simple as that, and doing this can give players access to a plethora of resources in no time.

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Valheim can be played on PC.

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