Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are sinister baddies in the trailer for The Irregulars, a Netflix series that will debut on March 26.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are bad in the Netflix trailer The irregular. The next series is based in part on Baker Street Irregulars. A group of street urchins in the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, helped Watson and Holmes get a street-level view of London and handle some of the more mundane aspects of mystery solving. The irregular takes that idea a step further, modifying the events so that the urchins emerge as the center of the story.

Described as a dark and mysterious drama, the adaptation centers on a group of troubled street teens who are rigged to solve crimes for the sinister Doctor Watson (Royce Pierreson) and his elusive business partner Sherlock Holmes (Henry Lloyd-Hughes). Along the way, the crimes take on a terrifying supernatural hue and a dark power emerges. This forces the group to band together in an effort to defeat forces larger than life.

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Netflix has released a trailer for The Irregulars, which will hit the streaming service on March 26. The preview shows a much darker adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, with sinister narration and murders that have a decidedly supernatural bent. You can watch the trailer below.

With an ensemble cast, which includes Thaddea Graham, Darci Shaw, Jojo Macari, Mckell David, Harrison Osterfield and Clarke Peters, The irregular It is created by Tom Bidwell. He referred to the series as his dream project, in addition to his oldest idea. Speaking of the adaptation in December 2019, Bidwell noted that he would imagine a situation where the group of street children Holmes trusted would actually solve his cases for him while he took all the credit. This premise is not made explicit in the trailer for The irregular, but it does hint at the grimmer narrative audiences should expect from the show.

Given the recent success of Enola Holmes, which changes his lens and turns Sherlock into something of a supporting character, there is certainly an appetite for stories that examine the famous detective with more skepticism. While typically terse, with a claim related to Sherlock’s notoriously abrasive personality, it will certainly be interesting to see the legendary character portrayed in the way the premise is poked fun at. However, even beyond that particular point of intrigue, the adaptation will likely combine elements of teen drama and the supernatural in a way that has helped shows like The vampire diaries they become massive hits. The irregular It will likely attract viewers of those shows, along with Arthur Conan Doyle fans.

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