In the real world, MI6 probably has to deal with a variety of threats on a daily basis, but in the James Bond universe, one particular criminal enterprise remains a constant threat to the agency. Although they are free to run their own organizations, a decent number of James Bond baddies report to SPECTER (Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion).

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Numerous members of SPECTER have had appearances throughout the films. More than a hundred members can be seen at the organization’s Rome meeting in the 2015 film Spectrum. While some members (like Mr. Hinx) rely on brute force to run their operations, others rely more on their brains.

10 Emilio Largo

An admirable feat, Largo is the first of Bond’s villains to blackmail NATO. In Thunderball, SPECTER’s second-in-command steals NATO warheads and then asks the organization to pay SPECTER £ 100 million in seven days, or else he would use weapons to destroy a major American or British city.

He may have a yacht with a cool name, Disco Volante, but Largo is a bit run down. Bond manages to enter their bases very easily. Largo also kills Domino’s brother, his lover, and fails to keep this detail a secret. Bond learns of Largo’s actions and gets Domino to switch sides by telling him everything. In the end, it is Domino who kills Largo.

9 Red scholarship

Robert Shaw as Red Grant in From Russia with Love

The killer in From Russia with love he approaches Bond with a lot of love at first. His mission is to kill MI6’s star agent to avenge the death of Dr. No. At first, he just follows Bond, refraining from killing him to make sure he delivers an encryption device that SPECTER is genuinely interested in.

He continues to kill four men trying to derail Bond. Rather than simply taking Bond out, he goes on to pose as a British agent, to gain 007’s trust. He has a well-calculated plan that only fails because it’s Bond he’s dealing with.

8 Max Denbigh aka C

Max Denbigh aka C in Specter

C is the Director General of the Joint Security Service (JSS), the new organization that was created to merge MI5 and MI6, but he is up to no good. He lobbies for the establishment of a global surveillance program known as the “Nine Eyes” and the dissolution of the Double-0 program. In this way, agents like Bond would lose their jobs because of computers.

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It turns out that C is pushing this agenda for SPECTER. He is a mole, but as a high-ranking government official, no one suspects him at first. Fortunately, Bond learns of C’s intentions while in detention at Blofeld’s base in Africa.

7 Kronsteen

In From Russia with love, Kronsteen is credited with devising most of SPECTER’s master plans, thanks to his unmatched IQ. When Blofeld doesn’t need it, he spends his days in Venice, participating in chess tournaments that he always wins. Just as he can calculate every move in chess, he is able to figure out what enemies will do.

His reliability has allowed him to rise to the number 5 position in the organization. When his plan fails for the first time, thanks to Bond’s intervention, Blofeld shows zero appreciation for his past work and kills him using poison.

6 Dominic greene

Dominic Greene Quantum of Solace

Quantum of solace It can be considered one of the worst Bond movies, but its villain is quite intelligent. Dominic disguises himself as a billionaire owner of Green Planet, but is actually an employee of Quantum and SPECTER.

Your plan? To help a Bolivian war general to come to power. In return, the general will assign you a large desert terrain. Greene makes major agencies like the CIA and MI6 believe that he wants oil, but actually wants to control his water supply. All other water supplies will be contaminated, making Green the sole supplier.

5 Dr. Julius No

The first villain in the Bond franchise is as smart as he sounds. Unwanted son of a German missionary, Dr. No grows up to become the treasurer of the most powerful criminal organization in China. He then steals $ 10 million Tong gold bars and flees the country, establishing a base of operations in Crab Key, Jamaica, where he experiments with nuclear power.

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When the governments of the world reject his services, he joins SPECTER. Nor is he ever killed by Bond. He only dies after falling into his own nuclear reactor.

4 The amount

mads mikkelsen villain

Le Chiffre is described as a Mathem genius and a chess prodigy. He is also one of the best poker players in the world, as he can read games by analyzing chance and probability. He manages to break Bond during a high-stakes game at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. These traits alone put it high on this list.

Since Le Chiffre is considered to be one of the smartest members, he has become the go-to banker for the world’s leading terrorist organizations. However, he is eventually killed by his colleague, Mr. White.

3 Raoul Silva

Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva in Skyfall

Silva accomplishes many things in the Bond franchise. Before the events of Skyfall, is said to have rigged many elections for a fee, destroyed numerous economies, and stole a lot of money by hacking into various bank accounts. He also stays off the radar of MI6 by adopting a new identity.

When he reappears on the scene, Silva is seen to cause a lot of chaos. He manages to get his hands on a disk that contains the names of secret agents and exposes their identities to the world, causing some of them to be killed. After escaping MI6 custody, something only a few people have accomplished, he later impersonates a police officer and attempts to kill M. While he succeeds in this mission, he is also killed executing it.

two Mr. White

Mr. White Specter

In addition to being a member of SPECTER, Mr. White has his own subsidiary organization known as Quantum. The organization has infiltrated key government agencies like MI6. When Bond captures Mr. White, he is saved by an MI6 agent, who works for Quantum.

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Through one of his men, Mr. White also corrupts HM Treasury’s liaison, Vesper Lynd, by threatening the life of his partner. He appears in three different Bond films, but avoids being killed by MI6 or Blofeld, with whom he has fallen out of favor. Mr. White finally takes his own life after making a deal with Bond.

1 Blofeld

Convincing the best criminals in the world to work for you and remain loyal is no easy task. That’s part of the reason the franchise’s overall villain feels like the boss of the organization. An incident shows that Blofeld is smarter and more conscientious than his fellow criminals. During the general meeting in Rome, he is the first to notice that Bond is present.

The rest of the world’s crime bosses who were present at the meeting had no idea that an MI6 agent was among them. In the various films in which he has appeared, Blofeld manages to surpass Bond on several occasions. He also manages to kill two people Bond values ​​the most: his wife and M.

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