Jersey Shore helped launch DJ Pauly D.’s musical career. He travels the world performing some of his original songs, but which are the most popular?

Paul “DJ Pauly D“DelVecchio by The Jersey Shore he didn’t get his nickname just for fun. Music is the passion of the reality TV star and she travels the world to bring her beats to fans. Whether at a Las Vegas hot spot or a suburban high school prom, Pauly D always puts on an unforgettable show. While much of his set includes popular dancefloors from industry giants BeyoncĂ© and Pitbull, Pauly includes his own collaborations, some of which have millions of streams on Spotify.

His 40-year career as a DJ dates back to his preThe Jersey Shore days growing up in Providence, Rhode Island. It was here that he nicknamed himself “Pauly D. Little did he know, this nickname would eventually become a household name. Pauly performed locally non-stop, constantly waiting for his big break. As we know, that came in the form of a new MTV series chronicling the antics of eight young Italians on Seaside. Heights. From the beginning of the show, Pauly expressed his love for music and his newfound fame opened countless doors. In the spin-off The Pauly D project, fans watched his DJ career really take off. Highlights included a tour with Britney Spears and working with the 50 Cent record label.

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During those buzzing days in Rhode Island, Pauly D never dreamed that he would one day land a coveted Las Vegas residency at Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub. Nor did he dream that fans would yell their own lyrics at him. But that’s what happens when you write a catchy hit. Pauly’s most popular song to date is “Back to love“voiced by Jay Sean. See a mail from the duo below. This powerful 2013 anthem for anyone looking to reconcile a relationship has a whopping four million streams on Spotify. In second place with more than three million transmissions is “Beat That Beat (it’s time to). “Featured in 2010 The Jersey Shore soundtrack, the song is a perfect ode to Pauly “guido lifestyle “. Talk about staying “fresh to death“and complains about how”every time I DJ, there will be a sexy girl, but she has an ugly friend … I’m only dealing with nines and tens … There will be no grenades tonight. “

Despite being the most successful story of the The Jersey Shore franchise, Pauly is still humble. In the spin-off Double shot at love In season two, cast member Brandon Stakemann expressed his desire to follow in Pauly’s footsteps. At the time, his only experience was playing bar mitzvahs in New Jersey. With Pauly’s busy schedule, he could easily have forgotten about the conversation with Brandon. Instead, in the middle of a sold-out show, Pauly invited him on stage to take over a track. This gesture was an unforgettable moment for Brandon, who attended several of Pauly’s performances over the years with his father.

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Now, with the entertainment industry on hiatus as the COVID-19 shutdowns continue, Pauly has entered a new chapter in his life: being a boyfriend in love with Double shot at love contestant Nikki Hall. During their quarantine, they got used to enjoying each other’s company at their home in Las Vegas. Daily schedules include Nikki cooking delicious meals and Pauly on scenic motorcycle adventures. It will be interesting to see how your dynamic changes once your busy lifestyle resumes. Will you be taking Nikki on tour? Can you handle fast-paced nature? Or will she stay home, where she is quickly becoming an Instagram fashion influencer?

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