Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl # 4 just gave the antiheroes a long-awaited rematch, but it’s as short as their first fight.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl # 3, by Steve Niles, Marcelo Frusin, Sunny Gho and John Workman, out now.

Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl has painted a bloody picture in Albuquerque, as Mindy tries to get revenge on Patience by misusing the costume of her former partner, Dave. He hates how Patience used the Kick-Ass moniker to build a criminal empire, even though he doesn’t know the former soldier is trying to burn him down and get back to his civilian life.

This led to the two antiheroes having another fight at No. 3, and it was as brief and as disappointing as their first meeting.

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In this issue, a disenchanted Patience finds herself once again breaking out her lairs, killing her own people, and trying to escape the gunmen sent from Mexico. Vasquez is leading the charge, wanting to make sure the cartels can absorb the empire, but he’s not going according to plan. Even when he has her cornered in a warehouse, Patience is capable of defeating all the mercenaries.

This leads her to find Hit-Girl on the streets ready to blow up Vasquez. Mindy is a brilliant tracker, but just as she’s about to pull the trigger, Patience takes the kill shot and robs Mindy of her glorious moment. This irritates Mindy, who wants to avenge her first loss to Kick-Ass, which ended after a kick to the stomach and a concussion while collapsing.

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They both curse each other againas Patience wants Mindy to stop jeopardizing her mission. However, Mindy just wants Patience to bleed all over Dave’s green and yellow outfit. After their heated exchange, they charge each other. There is a clash of swords, with Patience trying to explain that she is closing the store, but Mindy is determined to finish the job. His rage makes him return the favor of his last fight, kicking Patience in the stomach. However, Patience calls for a truce when they hear the swarm of police and the harsh sound of approaching sirens.

She arranges for them to end their rivalry at Widow’s Hill, which Mindy forces herself to. Although Patience was a bit arrogant before, you can tell she underestimated Hit-Girl. However, as much as she respects her opponent, Mindy doesn’t have it and this lack of discipline could be her downfall.

Big Daddy wouldn’t be proud of her relying on emotions like this, and a calmer, more logical Patience could hold the upper hand. Only time will tell, but their “match of three” might not involve them alone, as the remaining criminals still hunt them down and are desperate to take down the vigilantes who bite into their narcotics trade.

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