The famous and hilarious Hank Hill is known for doing almost absolutely anything to avoid an awkward situation. Hank, a man of his word who disapproves of anything his conservative society regards as weakness, usually runs into unfortunate situations, often as a by-product of self-suppression. The guy is so repressed that his urethra is narrowed and from time to time he would get extremely constipated from being so tight.

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Although the patriarch of King of the hill He is typically courteous and determined to do the right things, and frequently erupts in anger and frustration with his friends and family. His most repeated phrase is “I’m going to kick your ass”, which is said in most of the episodes. Hank’s uncanny dedication to being the clean common man is always counterproductive due to simply trying too hard.

10 Hank competes against Bobby in a dancing dog competition

It’s no secret that Hank’s favorite person in the world is his friendly hound, Ladybird. When his son Bobby decides to come in with him and Connie’s dog “Doggie”, Hank also discovers that he likes to dance with Ladybird after she responds to a particular song that he likes.

He decides to enter them in the dance competition. Tensions mount as Hank, like his wife Peggy, can be too competitive. Hank becomes reserved and obsessed with winning the match. In the end, Bobby ends up winning second place, and Hank goes back to dancing alone with Ladybird in his garage, but this time, just for fun.

9 Hank accidentally moons Ann Richards

Hank and the boys go to Austin to celebrate Bill’s birthday. At her hotel, former Texas Governor Ann Richards is speaking at an event. When Boomhauer, Dale, and Bill tell Hank to live a bit and have everyone have fun from the glass elevator, Hank decides to be a little adventurous for once, only to get a prank on him, since he’s the only one who he pulls his pants down accordingly on Ann Richard. event while she speaks.

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Hank turns in horror to see the politician on the ground staring at his bare ass. This later leads to a relationship between Bill and Ann Richards when Bill decides to take the blame for the incident and enchants her with their encounter.

8 Hank yells at a CPS agent

When Bobby is hit in the face with a baseball resulting in a black eye, rumors spread that Hank is abusing him. Although it’s apparent to everyone else that Hank has never lent a hand on Bobby, CPS is sent to investigate anyway. Hank finds a lack of dignity in the situation and, feeling unfairly accused, consequently exploits the case manager, which is the last thing anyone should do if they are trying to convince someone in that position that they are not violent. .

Fortunately for Hank, the chief case manager decides that the employee handled the case rashly, believing he harbored a bias against “rednecks,” and removes him from the situation. If the boss had a different light on the case, Hank could have easily caused CPS to take Bobby away.

7 Hank suffers hysterical blindness after talking to his mother while having sex

It’s Christmas with the family, much to Hank’s annoyance. Her quiet and humble mother, Tilly, brings home her new boyfriend Gary, who happens to be Jewish. For whatever reason, Hank has reservations about the polite and charismatic new boyfriend.

What appears to be direct karma, Hank later accidentally walks up to the older couple having sex at the dining room table, literally making him go blind. This is later undone when Gary defends Tilly after being reprimanded by Cotton Hill, causing Hank to respect Gary for defending his mother’s honor.

6 Hank thinks Kahn was about to eat a ladybug

We often see Hank and the gang spouting racist comments, whether or not they are meant to be offensive. After his Laotian neighbors move in and everyone already makes it awkward, Hank tries to keep things civil at the next barbecue. Kahn serves Hank a hamburger at the family function, which Hank says tastes amazing, though he notices that the Souphanousinphone family dog, Doggie, is missing.

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Dale suspects that Souphanousinphones eat dogs. After Ladybird disappears, Hank accuses the Souphanousinphones of stealing her and trying to eat her, which is obviously wrong. Bobby and Connie reveal that they took the dogs with them.

5 Hank tells Mr. Strickland that he loves him in front of everyone

Hank is notoriously a dedicated propane salesman at Strickland Propane (“Propane and Propane Accessories”), literally obsessed with anything to do with his job and propane. It even goes to the extreme of forcing the family to pray after cooking with charcoal alternatives.

By involving all of his friends and family to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity, Strickland gives Hank a promotion as a manager, causing Hank to scream “I love you!” in front of everyone, including Hank’s own father, Cotton. Consequently, Cotten decides to take this personally and begins to wreak havoc, something he does quite frequently.

4 Hank praises Peggy when she coaches her softball team

Despite Peggy’s talent in the sport and the fact that she basically carries her entire softball team, Hank underestimates her, however. He makes coaching calls that undermine Peggy’s strategies and form as she even leaves the team and also can’t play when she doesn’t want to contradict Hank as a coach and husband. Here, Hank is more stubborn and petty, as his control over the team causes Peggy to lose her touch when she plays.

3 Hank tries to teach Bobby about birds and bees in a cow factory

Hank, who doesn’t talk about sex and relationships, makes a big misstep when he tries to tell Bobby, a curious and unaware teenager, about the bird and the bees.

Hank is convinced that the best way to educate is to show rather than tell, turning to nature, or rather, to a branch in a cow plant where they are raised. This obviously backfires when a cow is artificially inseminated and screams, causing Hank to cover Bobby’s eyes as they stand in horror.

two Hank makes Bobby live in a doghouse (instead of Ladybird)

Growing up involves a lot, including new allergies. Bobby begins to get sick and a visit to the doctor reveals that he is allergic to Ladybird. Hank tries to adapt at first, building Ladybird a fancy doghouse called ‘Barkingham Palace’. However, the old dog is used to living in the house and rejects the doghouse, leading Hank to suggest that perhaps Bobby could reside in it.

As any child would do, Bobby agrees to stay in his own little house, enjoying the freedom until living conditions take a great psychological toll and he starts drinking from the water bowl while wearing only underwear.

1 Hank forces Bobby to smoke a bunch of cigarettes

In one of Hank and Bobby’s most notorious moments, when Bobby decides to experiment with smoking, he and his best friend Joseph are caught by Hank. As punishment, Hank forces Bobby to smoke the entire pack of cigarettes. Bobby falls ill from the effect of cigarettes, literally turning green, while when Hank tries to show Bobby how to smoke, he becomes addicted to them himself. Hank ends up smoking for a short time after this.

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