Fans criticize Kim after he posted a video of North, Chicago, and Dream cooking ramen. The girls were seen getting dangerously close to the fire.

As if filing for divorce from Kanye West wasn’t drama enough, Kim Kardashian is now being embarrassed by a video she recently posted to her Instagram story. the keeping up with the Kardashians Star showed her daughters and niece cooking in the kitchen, leaving fans outraged by all the safety issues. She has been posting about her four children quite frequently lately as she seems to be focusing a lot of attention on them in the midst of her divorce drama.

After showing your children and their talents to such a large audience, there are many opinions … and not all pleasant ones. This isn’t the first (and it certainly won’t be the last) time that Kim has come under fire for her mothering. Earlier this month, Kim came under fire after she posted a photo of North’s stunning scenery. Fans quickly assumed that Kim was lying and that North did not paint the photo herself. Later, Kim came out in defense of her daughter, like any good mother would, turning off all the haters.

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First painting, now cooking. At the end of last week, Kim Kardashian posted a video about her. Instagram He story while his eldest daughter North was cooking dinner. With the help of her younger sister Chicago, 3, and her cousin Dream, 6, “North ChefShe was seen cooking some Ramen noodles. As North adjusted the stove fire, checking how the food was doing, Chicago and Dream were sitting at the counter very close to the open flames. Kim nonchalantly mentioned to the girls that I don’t know I got too close to the stove as they both got off the counter – in fact, there was an unknown teenager (potentially a babysitter) helping the girls.

Fans were quick to criticize Kim’s parenting skills, as the video appeared to be potentially dangerous for girls. Many agreed on his “heart stopped“Watching the girls get closer and closer to the fire and boil the water. It was assumed that Kim only told the girls not to be near the fire for the sake of her Instagram story as she probably knew they would criticize her. was “not a good example“To establish for others how having such young children near an open flame is enough”dangerous. “Not only were the children too close to the flame, the paper wrapper for the Ramen also got too close. An enemy joked that the”The children of the west are untouchable“as it seems that the standard security rules do not apply to them.

Since Kim Kardashian has lived much of her life in the limelight thanks to her family’s successful show. keeping up with the Kardashians, there is no doubt that she is used to the constant criticism she receives. She is not alone. Her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, was recently embarrassed by her mother for allegedly putting makeup on her 3-year-old daughter. While this comes with fame, Kim, like the rest of her siblings, seems to be doing her best to balance her busy life with parenthood. Fortunately, none of the children were injured during their cooking fun. Hopefully everyone, including Kim, will learn a lesson for next time.

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