Love Island star Mackenzie Dipman updated fans on her relationship with Connor Trott. Some fans were wondering why they are rarely seen together now.

Love Island United States Star Mackenzie Dipman took the time to update fans who had been asking why he wasn’t posting too many photos with Connor Trott of late. Mackenzie and Connor met on the first day at the season 2 villa located in Las Vegas. The two were together for a good part of the season, but eventually felt pressured by audiences and their co-stars in questioning whether they were the right match for each other. So when Casa Amor arrived and introduced himself to heartthrob Jalen Noble, Mackenzie had her head turned slightly.

Mackenzie and Connor had a hard time rebuilding their relationship when Love Island United States Season 2 moved on as he was hurt by his decision to remarry a boy he had just met. Consequently, Mackenzie tried to give Aaron Owen a chance, only to be dumped a few days later. In turn, Connor considered the possibility of remaining in a relationship with Moira Tumas as friends, but that went nowhere and was also eliminated immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, Connor announced that he would fly straight to Mackenzie after leaving the villa, and that is exactly what happened. The couple got together after the show and began dating officially.

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But after posting so many beautiful moments they have had together following Love Island United StatesSome fans began to notice that Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman weren’t seen together for quite a while. After seeing so many Island of love Breakups that took place between November 2020 and January 2021, these fans were concerned that something was happening between Mack and Connor. Unfortunately, Mackenzie took the time to explain what’s going on via Instagram Story. “Connor and I are still together” she started. “Connor didn’t start his full-time job in public accounting until December, so during those first few months away from the village, we had a lot more time to hang out and visit. Now, Connor is in Pittsburgh and I’m in Tucson. The work Connor’s role as an auditor is very demanding and keeps him busy. “

Mackenzie went on to explain how she doesn’t want to be more than supportive to her. Love Island United States Prince. “Do you want advice for long distance relationships? Support your partner’s goals and growth. Connor has my support and I know I always have his.” said the islander. It should be noted that starting a career in accounting can be time consuming for new professionals. Between finishing college and increasing her social media presence, Mackenzie also has a lot on her plate right now. That said, it definitely looks like the pair are determined to make things work for each other.

the Love Island United States fans love Mackenzie and Connor together. Fortunately, it seems like they are working things out, even if their relationship needs to be long distance right now.

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Sources: Mackenzie Dipman’s Instagram

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