Paige and Chris were a mess from the start. Fans weren’t impressed with the couple and wonder how their story ends.

Chris Williams and Paige Banks have been a hot topic of conversation between Married at first sight fans. From the moment Williams opened his mouth, it was apparent these two would not last. Banks dealt with Williams by telling her he’s not attracted to her, weird sexual questions at the wedding, and a baby mama. Now there seems to be definitive evidence that the couple is deciding to walk away from the turmoil of their marriage.

Williams has been painted as the villain from season 12 of Married at first sightAnd for good reason. Rather than highlighting the reasons he and Banks paired up, such as their financial backgrounds or the fact that they are both realtors, Williams has consistently and consistently shown viewers why they shouldn’t match. Banks entered the marriage fully believing that it was God’s will for her, and despite multiple red flags presented by Williams, including the largest curve ball a couple has ever thrown. Married at first sight story – a baby – she has remained by his side.

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Viewers were beginning to worry that Banks would stay in the marriage because they signed a legally binding sheet of paper. However, it appears that this may not be the case. According to RedditorsChris was seen in Mexico with his pregnant ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick. However, fans noted that there were no potholes and that she was drinking alcohol during the holidays. It seems that the two got back together and are living it in Cancun. The situation is heartbreaking, complicated and confusing. It appears that Williams and Myrick may have come up with a plan to cash in on Williams’ appearance on the show. Fans believe Williams went on the show to get revenge on her ex-fiancé. A fan of the show commented on a theory of his own, Now I’m starting to think that the ex-fiancee lied about being pregnant to get over it for getting married. For them, everything is just games. “

Williams and Banks’ pairing has prompted many viewers to pressure experts for an explanation. Dissension among the fan base grew so large that Dr. Viviana had to respond to allegations that experts paired Banks and Williams for ratings. Although she denied it, many viewers still don’t trust them, and for good reason. Former co-stars have also commented on Williams and Banks’ relationship, claiming Williams is fake and putting him on camera.

The other couples have strongly supported Banks’s side, with many of the women, especially Virginia Coombs, who is married to Erik Lake, standing up for Banks and telling Williams to start making her a priority. However, this advice may have been overlooked because Williams was still in love with his ex. Sadly, their marriage was doomed from the start that it wasn’t Banks’ fault. Williams was simply not a suitable candidate for this experiment. Especially considering it could have been a scam the entire time. Hopefully Paige will find her happy ending, because she wasn’t in Married at first sight.

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