While following Matriarch Benezia in Noveria in Mass Effect, players will need to reactivate a VI. They will need to solve a puzzle to do it.

The original Massive effect it’s packed with mini-games and little puzzles that players will have to solve to get new loot or progress through the main story. In the original trilogy, the minigames changed over the course of the series and eventually disappeared entirely. Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition promises to unify the minigames a bit. A puzzle in the original Massive effect The game was different from the others. When Shepard and his team enter Peak 15 in Noveria to hunt down Matriarch Benezia, Liara’s mother, they will need to activate the facility’s power core and turn on the disabled virtual intelligence system. To reactivate the VI, they will need to use an elevator in the middle of the facility to avoid or solve a Tower of Hanoi puzzle.

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If players choose to complete the puzzle, they will need to transfer the bright blue boxes in Core 1 to Core 2 or Core 3. This puzzle can be confusing as only one box will be transferred at a time, and players will only be able to move the box higher on Core 1. The box will install in the same position that players found it on Core 1 on Core 2 or Core 3, but will not transfer if a blue box is already installed on top. If players don’t want to waste the Omni-Gel to avoid this minigame, here is the solution to the Mira Core puzzle at Massive effect.

How to manually reset the VI on peak 15 in Mass Effect

Shepard talks to Mira, the VI on Peak 15 in Noveria after the Mira Core puzzle is solved in Mass Effect

There are some basic rules that players will need to follow in order to successfully solve the Mira Core puzzle. These are:

  • Only one box can be selected at a time
  • Boxes can be transferred to Core 2 or Core 3
  • Only the top square will be selected when the player chooses a Core. It will be placed in the same slot on any of the other cores as it originally appears.
  • The boxes should be placed from the bottom up. Players will not be able to transfer a box to Core 2 or Core 3 if there is a box in the space above where it would be installed.

Knowing this, players must simply follow the pattern. Starting with Core 1, players must select the columns and squares in the following order:

  • Core 1 -> Core 2; Core 1 -> Core 3; Core 2 -> Core 3; Core 1 -> Core 2; Core 3 -> Core 1; Core 3 -> Core 2; Core 1 -> Core 2; Core 1 -> Core 3; Core 2 -> Core 3; Core 2 -> Core 1; Core 3 -> Core 1; Core 2 -> Core 3; Core 1 -> Core 2; Core 1 -> Core 3; Core 2 -> Core 3.

On Xbox, the columns should be X for Core 1, Y for Core 2, and B for Core 3. On PlayStation, the columns should be represented by Square for Core 1, Triangle for Core 2, and Circle for Core 3.

Once players solve the puzzle, Shepard will once again use the elevator to return to the main level of Peak 15 and will be able to talk to the VI. They will have to reconnect the landlines and repair the reactor to reach the main facility and find Benezia, continuing the main story of the game.

If players don’t want to solve the puzzle and have Omni-Gel on hand, they can use 100 to automatically repair the VI and skip the minigame. Omni-Gel isn’t hard to come by, but it is most useful for repairing the Mako, so players may want to save it and quickly complete this puzzle.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches May 14, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with advanced compatibility for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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