After years of fighting for the rights to the Spider-Man character, Disney finally put it in their hands. Peter Parker was finally able to enter the MCU. Not only that, but he’s been putting out his own movies; Spider-Man: Homecoming, launched in 2017, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, released in 2019, and both were directed by Jon Watts.

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Jon Watts will also direct the third Spider-Man movie in the MCU. As such, fans are hoping that he will take the opportunity to clarify some details about the Web-slinger. There are some things that just didn’t make sense about the first two Spider-Man movies in the franchise.

10 Your spider sense doesn’t always work

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home

One of Spider-Man’s most useful abilities is his ability to sense when something bad is about to happen. Your “spider sense” can tell you something is about to go wrong before it does, improving your reaction time dramatically.

However, this sense, or “Peter’s tingle” as it was jokingly called, doesn’t always seem to work for Peter in the MCU. Although you are warned from time to time that something is going to go wrong, you cannot always make this sense work. It seems impossible to predict when this power will actually work.

9 Peter Parker has Tony Stark as a mentor

When Peter Parker started out as Spider-Man in Marvel Comics, he actually had no one but himself. He relied on the advice of his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, but, after his Uncle Ben’s death, he found himself using his lessons to learn himself more than anything else. He’s an independent hero more than anything else, self-taught and stronger for it.

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However, in the MCU, Peter Parker inexplicably receives Tony Stark as a mentor. Instead of creating all of his own technology, Tony gives Peter things; Instead of building himself, Tony takes over. This addition to his plots was completely unnecessary.

8 Tony treats Peter like a child

If Tony Stark is going to be a superhero mentor to Peter Parker, he will need to act more like a teacher and less like a father. He is condescending to Peter and becomes more of an object of worship than someone Peter feels capable of emulating.

For example, when Tony feels that Peter has made the wrong decision, he treats him as if he has misbehaved and removes his suit. Peter needs to learn to be a hero for himself, and Tony pampering him and taking control of his life won’t help him. Besides, he has a father; Aunt May is there for him.

7 Uncle Ben barely has a presence

Perhaps if Peter felt he had advice from his past to lean on, he can feel more secure attacking on his own. However, Uncle Ben has hardly had a presence in the MCU, much less in Peter’s life.

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Peter is supposed to use Uncle Ben and Aunt May’s lessons to frame his superhero acts, but without half of the Uncle Ben stuff, Peter is a bit adrift. Removing this influence on Peter is detrimental to both his story and his character, as he struggles to grow up without any direction or guidance from Uncle Ben.

6 Vulture lets Spider-Man die despite knowing he’s a boy


There came a shocking moment in the MCU. Spider-Man: Homecoming when Adrian Toomes finds out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and Peter learns that Adrian is both the Vulture and the father of his friend Liz. The public was also shocked by this, but even more surprising is what Adrian chooses to do with that information.

Although he warns Peter not to get involved, when Spider-Man inevitably intervenes to stop Adrian from hijacking a weapons transport, Adrian nearly kills Peter. He even leaves Peter for dead in the rubble of the building they fought in. Adrian knows that Peter is in high school and yet chooses to let him die.

5 No superhero came to help Spider-Man

Spider-Man Far From Home role

The state that Spider-Man: Far From Home he finds the world a bit messy, but people are starting to understand things again. Once the Blip gave back those that had been dusted off, people began trying to find ways to overcome that great extinction event.

However, now that there are so many heroes around the world, it seems shocking that Far from home Spider-Man would face the bad guys alone. The fact that no other Avenger, or no hero, comes to help Peter is insane. Even if the Skrulls are manipulating things in some way, someone like Falcon would almost certainly want to help.

4 Parents weren’t so concerned about their children

Spider-Man Tom Holland Peter Parker Far From Home

After the events of Snap and Blip, the children of Spider-Man: Far From Home they are clearly trying to understand the chaos that has just befallen them. The children who survived the snap are now mixed in with their returning peers, and the children who returned from being dusted off are struggling to understand what happened while they were away.

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Despite this shock, the parents in the film agree to let their children go on a field trip to another continent. More than that, the children’s lives are at risk and they just continue their vacation. This really doesn’t make sense for a post-Snap and post-Blip world.

3 Tony created EDITH after everything that happened with Ultron

The fact that Tony Stark created Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron it was already a huge misstep within the MCU. That decision made no sense and the fact that Tony would continue to create any kind of AI after this does not make sense either. However, the next AI featured, EDITH, looks immensely powerful.

Tony Stark left EDITH behind and yet there are few regulations placed on the device. Also, Peter is incredibly reckless around EDITH, making it even more obvious that this was not only a good decision, but one that Tony probably would have avoided making.

two Each and every one of Peter’s friends was suitably dusted

Spider-Man: Far From Home

To keep the central cast of the Spiderman movies in the MCU together, all of Peter’s friends had to dust themselves off with him. That means his entire group of friends conveniently died in the Snap, and they were all returned to the Blip.

Otherwise, the characters could not stay. Of course, it doesn’t make any real sense that his entire group of friends was proportionally broken.

1 Mysterio somehow knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man

spider-man far from home mysterio cropped

One of the most confusing questions people had after watching the Spider-Man movies in the MCU was: how did Mysterio know that Peter Parker was Spider-Man?

Peter gets his true identity revealed to the world, but, before this, Mysterio needed to find out who Peter was on his own. However, the movie never explains how Mysterio knew who Peter was. There is no real way that he can know this.

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