Minecraft players have taken on the daunting task of recreating Greendale’s library and study room from the Community television series.

One Minecraft The player has devoted his time and efforts to recreating the Greendale library and study room from the hit television show. Community. As has been proven countless times, Minecraft players are incredibly creative, one person even managed to recreate recently Minecraft inside, well, Minecraft.

Sandboxing may have started out as a small standalone project, but its growth into a media phenomenon has left an indelible mark on gaming in general. Last year, the franchise soared even more, thanks to the launch of Minecraft dungeons – A dungeon crawling experience that is causing a sensation on its own across multiple platforms. But make no mistake, the base version of Minecraft it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. While there are players recreating iconic images from pop culture, modders have continually enliven the experience with new features and mechanics. In particular, one modder is currently working on Smart Hole Filler, a mod that will allow players to fill holes, caves, and other gaps instantly.

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Reddit user battered fish is currently working on recreating Community Greendale in Minecraft. Currently, his focus is on the development of the library and its interior spaces. The player shared a quick work-in-progress build tutorial on the Community subreddit in hopes of gathering more information for the sake of accuracy. Everything shown in the video tutorial, which is just over a minute long, is remarkably impressive. And the response from the show’s dedicated subreddit has been nothing short of positive and supportive.

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Clearly battered fish is on the right track. Fan creations are always a labor of love, and the detail shown here indicates that this particular project is no exception. Community Fans are sure to have a blast seeing an iconic location from their favorite show rebuilt with Minecraft Pixelated graphics. In the meantime, Minecraft Players can see another incredible example of what is possible within the game’s impressive tools and mechanics.

The title’s toolset should be more robust in the coming months, once developer Mojang rolls out the long-awaited Cliffs and Caves update. The next update, coming in the middle of this year, will add new cave biomes, all-new mobs like the Guardian and the Goat, as well as a revamped generation of caves and mountains.

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Minecraft is available to play on Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and iOS.

Source: battered fish

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