Naruto is a beloved classic shonen manga series with an extensive library of anime and movies as well. Here’s a guide on how to dive into adventure.

the Naruto The franchise remains one of the largest shonen titles in existence, from 1999 to 2014 in Weekly Shonen Jump. The popularity of the series spread around the world and the market is filled with various options to enjoy the story of Naruto Uzumaki and his quest to become the Hokage. With this series finished and its sequel Boruto up and running, new fans are in an ideal position.

Newcomers can enjoy installment updates from Boruto while digging into the original Naruto at your own pace, either savoring it like you’re enjoying it or navigating 72 volumes of ninja action and a few hundred anime episodes. the Naruto Manga and anime are widely available for those looking to enjoy the series for the first time or a repeat experience, here’s how.

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How to read Naruto manga

Fans looking to read Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto The manga, whether it’s avoiding anime’s infamous fillers or experiencing its original material, has all kinds of options to start with. Collectors can search Naruto franchise printed in 72 individual volumes, or you can get your hands on voluminous three-in-one omnibus volumes. While local libraries may store some volumes of the series, online media such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Rightstufanime have a solid offering. This is not a short series, so those collecting VIZ Media’s English translation may need a dedicated bookshelf.

For those who prefer to read the Naruto manga digitally, there are many options to explore. VIZ Official Website it has digital options at a discounted price compared to the print edition, which is also available digitally through Nook, Google Play, Kindle, iBooks, and more, according to VIZ’s site. NarutoAll 700 chapters can be read through VIZ / Shonen Jump’s $ 1.99 monthly subscription; the massive catalog also includes items such as Dragon Ball, One piece, Jujutsu Kaisen and many more. There is a free trial week once you sign up that you can also cancel at any time.

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How to watch the anime series Naruto

Naruto Episode 1

The anime is divided between the original. Naruto run and the longest Naruto shippuden, although streaming sites usually have both. Subscribers FUNimation Y Crunchyroll You can find the full series available on your respective streaming services. The VIZ website will direct visitors to any of those sites and other options, including Netflix and Hulu, although availability may vary by region and language.

Hobbyists can grow their physical collection of Naruto anime with DVD and Blu-ray options found at retailers such as Amazon, Vintage Stock (including some physical locations), and Rightstufanime in a variety of boxed games from the series. Best Buy has started to stock Blu-ray collections for $ 24.99- $ 27.99, although it is currently limited to previous episodes of the series.

the Naruto The franchise also included 11 feature films, eight of which are currently available on Netflix, while others can be purchased and streamed through Amazon for $ 7.99 for SD and $ 9.99 for the HD version. Blu-ray collections and individual movies can also be found on Amazon and Best Buy. Fortunately, for anyone new to the ninja world of Naruto or fans looking to experience some of their favorite adventures, there are plenty of ways to dive into the mega hit of shonen.

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