New images of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier released by Marvel Studios show Sharon Carter in action and Captain America’s shield.

New images of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier shows Sharon Carter in action and more of Captain America’s shield. Marvel Studios is nearing the end of WandaVision, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe show for Disney +. With the end fast approaching, so is the team series premiere for Sam Wilson aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). The Falcon and the Winter SoldierThe launch was delayed due to COVID-19, but Marvel and Disney are now stepping up the marketing campaign.

The big push for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier started in late 2020 with an exclusive clip. It wasn’t long after a trailer was released during the Super Bowl to give MCU fans and the general public the best view of the series. The footage highlighted the friend-and-cop dynamic between Sam and Bucky, while sparking the biggest Marvel connections. One of them comes with the return of Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter, who made a huge impression in the trailer with an impressive fight scene.

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Marvel Studios and Disney shared several new images for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier today, and one of them puts Sharon Carter back in action. She appears in a shootout alongside Sam and Bucky in one of the many new looks from the upcoming Disney + show. Other images include Sam wielding Captain America’s shield in different settings, Sam and Bucky in plain clothes, and Bucky on a motorcycle. The studios also shared a behind-the-scenes image of Mackie and his co-star Adepero Oduye on set.

These new looks at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Understandably lean on the show’s two leads, but Sharon is the only other major cast member to appear. Since promotional materials have only shown Sharon and the duo working together on this specific scene, it is unclear what role she will play in the series as a whole. To be fair, many of these images show moments of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that have already been glimpsed in the trailers. The only truly new setting / image is Sam holding Captain America’s shield at someone’s home.

An element of The Falcon and the Winter SoldierMarketing that is still a bit baffling is what Marvel isn’t showing. The trailers haven’t leaned too heavily on Baron Zemo’s return, and it’s somewhat surprising that he’s not part of the initial batch of photos. Most notably, though, the marketing has gone to great lengths to conceal that John Walker becomes Captain America. This isn’t expected to be a big twist, so it’s weird that Marvel is keeping the new Cap a bit under wraps. A few weeks until The Falcon and the Winter SoldierWith the launch, it will be fascinating to see if Marvel changes this tactic before then.

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