A new trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon shows off the next original song that Disney hopes fans can’t get out of their heads.

A new trailer for Raya and the last dragon shows the latest song from the Disney animated movie. The first original Disney animation on film in nearly five years, Raya and the last dragon features the voices of Kelly Marie Tran and Awkwafina. Tran is Raya, a girl from the kingdom of Kumandra who is looking for a way to save her people and the land they love. When she finds Sisu, the last titular dragon played by Awkwafina, her plans hit a speed bump: Sisu isn’t ready to save the world.

Raya and the last dragon It was originally scheduled to hit theaters in November 2020. Like everything else last year, the film was delayed, this time until March 2021. Instead of delaying the film again, Disney will release Raya and the last dragon on Disney + as part of its Premier Access platform, an experiment that began last year Mulan. It is still not clear if Mulan was a success on Disney + but the studio has decided to go ahead with the release of the film rather than extend its lifespan.

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With Raya and the last dragon Within weeks of launch, the promotional cycle is in full swing. Disney released a new trailer for the film, this time with the film’s title theme that Disney hopes will be its next hit. The one-minute clip shows what we’ve seen in trailers before, with Raya on a quest to save the disparate groups of people in Kumandra from the dark forces. This time, however, singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko is singing the trailer: her new song “Lead the Way” serves as Raya and the last dragontheme of.

The song sounds catchy enough. Disney has a history of making sure the songs in their movies stick with you (think the inescapable “Let It Go” from 2013 Frozen). Those songs tend to at least make a splash during awards season, with some going all the way for Oscar gold. Fourteen Disney original songs have won the Best Original Song award at the awards ceremony, including the aforementioned “Let It Go,” and it is clear that Disney invests almost as much in its original soundtracks as in the films themselves. How much Raya and the last dragonThe song sticks, however, it depends on how many people see it.

This will be the first Disney original film to hit its Premier Access platform, both Mulan Y Frozen II they had built-in fan bases when they premiered on Disney + and the latter didn’t have an additional fee. How well Raya and the last dragon performs is likely to report Disney’s launch model in the future. If the film does well, Disney will likely continue to use its streaming service to release day and date movies to reach a wider audience, possibly even beyond the pandemic. Whatever happens, Raya and the last dragon seems to be a worthy successor to Disney’s long history of stellar animated films, so when it hits Disney + it looks like it will be the perfect movie for anyone missing out on the Disney theatrical experience.

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  • Raya and the last dragon (2021)Release date: March 05, 2021

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