When it comes to powerful anime characters, a shonen character whose name can be seen more and more disputed among anime fans is One Punch Man’s Saitama. Thanks to this comedy and parody show, everyone is talking about Saitama’s insanely popular hits.

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Those blows could defeat each and every enemy he faced, including humans, genetically modified animals, and even overly powerful aliens. However, they all existed within the One punch man universe, which means that everyone had to follow one cardinal rule: Saitama’s blows could defeat them all. But then what about other anime characters who are free from said rule? How many of them would be able to withstand Saitama’s blows?

10 Koro Sensei (Assassination Classroom) – This alien-like creature can only be canonically harmed by anti-sensei weapons

Anime Assassination Classroom Koro-sensei Intense Study

As an ex-assassin, Koro sensei could easily deflect Saitama’s blows. Even if Saitama managed to punch this alien-looking creature, it wouldn’t make much of a difference to him.

This is because canonically the only thing that comes close to harming him are anti-sensei weapons developed by his classmates. Even if he was injured by Saitama’s blow, he would regenerate at lightning speed.

9 Alucard (Hellsing): It is made of an alien-like material that it is impossible for Saitama to damage it

Hellsing Ultimate Alucard

Alucard is a vampire who has been blessed with enhanced stamina and the ability to rapidly regenerate parts of his body whenever he takes damage in battle. Unlike Saitama, he is not a human.

His body is made of an extraterrestrial / supernatural material and in its true form, it appears as a shapeless black goo with slightly reddish edges. Saitama’s punch would pierce through Alucard’s body, without even making a small dent in his appearance.

8 Rimuru (that time I was reincarnated as a slime): Saitama’s blows would simply be absorbed by his body

Rimuru like a slime

When it comes to isekai leads, everyone is pretty overpowered, and Rimuru is no exception. His powers are amazing and it won’t take him long to destroy Saitama, in seconds.

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However, could she take a hit from him? The answer is yes. It’s a literal drop of slime, meaning it feels little to no impact from external / physical melee attacks. His body would just keep absorbing all the shock from Saitama’s blows.

7 Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler): His body composition does not follow the laws of physics

The anime only scratches the surface of the powers possessed by Japan’s most famous demon butler. Like Alucard, he is a supernatural entity whose existence defies the laws of physics.

Comprised of an inexplicable black batter who changes shape and form at will, Sebastian is an invincible creature to mere humans. The only thing that can canonically hurt him is a Grim Reaper’s scythe.

6 Satan (the devil is a partial timer) – The demon lord can easily take a couple hundred hits from Saitama

Satan (the devil is a partial timer)

Hitting (and hurting) a demon would be tough enough for Saitama, but hurting Lord Satan himself? Saitama could throw a hundred, or even a thousand blows on Sadao Maou, but the man would still stand in his position, impassive.

Even with the most powerful Lucifer fighting Satan (in his diminished form), he was able to crush Lucifer’s butt. Canonically, only the half-angel heroine Emilia was able to push back (not defeat) Satan and his armies.

5 Horseman (Fate / Zero): This servant’s supernatural abilities would ensure that no harm came from a mere human

velvet falters and his servant rider

As Waver Velvet’s servant, the only time Saitama can hit Rider is when Waver orders Rider to let Saitama hit him. Even then, the superhero’s infamous One Punch wouldn’t affect Rider in the least.

Even without taking into account Rider’s supernatural weapons and abilities, the creature is strong enough to withstand multiple non-supernatural attacks, thanks to its impressive physique. Of course, this is not to mention the fact that as a supernatural being, human attacks would have no effect on him.

4 The King of Salt (Seraph of the End): Saitama’s blows are not effective on a powerful demon

king of salt (seraph of the end)

Due to illegal and inhuman experiments, Yuuichiro was exposed as a child, growing up to become a Seraph. He has inhuman abilities that reside within him and are called the Second Trumpet.

In his true form, he becomes the King of Salt, a supernatural entity that turns all organic matter into salt. If Saitama were lucky enough not to turn into salt, he would soon discover that beating the inhuman Salt King would prove to be an extremely useless act, as the creature is unaffected by the actions of humans.

3 Father (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood): A literal God can handle a few hits from a human

Father-fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood-climbing (1)

Even if Saitama was the strongest human on the planet, there would be no way that he could hurt a literal God. After absorbing the Entity that resided beyond the Gate, the Father gained the ability to even reverse the natural law of the world.

The only way Saitamsa could punch this creature is only when the creature allows that to happen. Even then, the superhero’s blows wouldn’t make any difference to Father.

two Cheng Hua (Official Heaven’s Blessing): To this Devastation-class demon, Saitama is nothing more than an ant

Cheng Hua (Official Heaven's Blessing)

This Devastation-class demon is one of the Four Great Calamities. One of his annihilations of his enemies resulted in a shower of blood, for which he earned the nickname the Crimson Rain Sought Flower.

As a high ranking demon, he can manipulate his appearance at will. He does not have a true human body, which means that Saitama’s blows would be ineffective against him. His only true weakness is his ashes: whoever owns them has his life in his hands.

1 Amira (Rage Of Bahumat): Thanks to God’s Key, Amira can never be defeated by a mere human

Amira (Bahumat's Fury)

Amira is a hybrid, the result of a relationship between a demon and an angel. As expected, his physical abilities, powers, and stamina are off limits. In fact, they are much more than Saitama’s stats.

An example of this would be when he literally fell from the sky, but did not have a single scratch on his body. She too stood up immediately and walked away. The God Key within her also provides her with unimaginable powers, and Saitama’s blows would have no effect on her.

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