Sometimes the funniest anime moments come from the weirdest quotes.

Many times, intentionally and unintentionally, anime gives rise to funny moments. Many of the meme images floating around the internet use actual quotes used in anime as they can be ridiculously bizarre. The images range from ridiculous to serious and are often accompanied by strange translations or a strange plot.

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These translations, taken out of context, make these quotes even more memorable than the shows themselves. Many people can recognize the quotes and the resulting memes, even if they haven’t seen where they originated from. The shows the dating came from are also gems worth watching.

10 People die if they die

Shirou Emiya talking to Saber

Although uttered in utter seriousness and even present in the visual novel, no one seems to take this quote seriously. Spoken by Shirou Emiya in Destination stay night, states something that makes a lot more sense in context. Explain that most people won’t be able to recover from fatal injuries, but that’s the way it should be. Fans would rather take this quote out of context, because the redundancy of this sentence is absolutely hilarious.

9 Did you really think killing me would be enough to make me die?

Anos evades death

Taken from The misfit of the demon king academy, Anos Voldigoad fights against the god of time, whom he had enraged by changing the events that happened in the past. The god of time apparently delivers a fatal blow, but quickly discovers that he actually failed to kill him.

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This leads to the memorable line, where Anos brags that killing him is not that simple. However, the impact of this scene is destroyed by the way Anos worded his sentence.

8 Why exactly are you working part time at MgRonald’s, Satan ?!

Emilia faces the Demon King

If the copycat name of a large burger company wasn’t funny enough, it’s even funnier to hear that Satan makes a living selling burgers in The devil is a partial timer. After forcing the Demon King to retreat to Earth and live as a normal human, Emilia Justina follows him to the human world to ensure that he would not survive. Naturally, she was surprised to find that he made a living on an honest minimum wage. Most people would be.

7 He’s cleaning our floors, that demon!

Zoro cleaning the floors

In One piece, Zoro is seen by some Marines, who notice him wielding three cleaning brushes as if they were his swords. They quickly recognize him as the pirate hunter who joined Monkey D. Luffy’s crew and attempt to arrest him. Hilariously, they seem offended to find out that he has been cleaning the floors, as if that in itself was some kind of crime. However, instead of stopping your cleaning spree, the brushes remove them in no time.

6 You do not see? The toilet bowl will accept anything from me! He is my ideal companion!

Marie marries a bath

Interestingly, fans of Soul Eater I have seen Marie Mjolnir express her desire for a bath in both the anime and the manga. Some fans have even gone so far as to say that his words are relatable. Your words about accepting a toilet are not technically correct, as there are many things that should not be flushed down the toilet. However, the image that accompanies her with a wedding dress next to said toilet is the icing on the cake.

5 My neighbor classmate … is a completely normal 8th grader who looks like a dog

Shiba Inuko-san prepares to share her book with her classmate

Shiba Inuko-san is an anime in which only a student can see that one of his classmates is actually a talking dog. The concept itself is hilarious and shows the ways a dog tries to fit in and act like a normal student and even somehow manages to use chopsticks.

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The quote is one of the first lines of the anime, but it tells viewers what to expect from the rest of the show.

4 Babies are full of fresh and strong energy. Babies will be our next target

Aliens target babies

Sailor moon r featured two alien villains: Alan and Ann. The last of their kind, they came to Earth to steal energy from people to save their lives and the life of the Hell Tree they trusted. In an unethical move, the aliens decided that because the babies had a lot of life energy, they would be perfect targets. Fortunately, this plan was foiled by the Sailor Scouts, but at least, this episode was very memorable.

3 The Numemons are fighting for me … Even though they can’t do anything but poop …

Mimi Tachikawa watches Numemon's fight

Numemon are neither powerful nor sanitary, as their attacks consist of burping and, as the quote suggests, shedding their own poop. They are initially angry and chasing the heroes in Digimon: Adventure because Mimi turned down one’s offer for a date. However, they come and protect her from Monzaemon. Mimi appears to be quite touched by the gesture, but her words are more fun than comforting.

two This is not OK. I can’t win if I’m a cabbage

Bobobo like cabbage

When Bobobo confronts Captain Maiteru in Bobobo-bo bo-bobo, the captain reveals that his eyes are like Medusa’s. He tries to turn Bobobo into stone, but he inexplicably turns into a walking and talking carrot, before turning into a cabbage. He regrets the fact that it is cabbage instead of lettuce, and although he claims he can’t win the fight, he manages to do it anyway. Interestingly, the scene is stranger with context than without.

1 According to Keikaku

Light Yagami smiles wickedly

One of the funniest translations comes from Death Note, in which Light Yagami is once again praised for planning things to perfection. Instead of saying “just according to plan”, the translator chose to keep the Japanese word there and add a note at the top of the screen that translated the word independently. It was an extra and unnecessary step, but this choice created one of the most memorable anime memes.

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Deku, Todoroki and Kai Chisaki from My Hero Academia, using their Quirks, One For All, Half-Cold Half Hot, and Overhaul.

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