Persona 5 Strikers continues many of the traditions that began in the main series. How does that translate to the multi-end standard?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Persona 5 Strikers, available now.

the Person The series is known for having multiple endings to its stories depending on how players progress through social links and their choices throughout the game. Person 5 has three different endings, with three more endings added in Person 5 Royal. With Persona 5 Strikers Having finally made its long-awaited overseas debut, fans may be curious how many endings there are in this musou-inspired hack-and-slash spin-off.

the Person the series often centers its endings around the idea of ​​a “good” ending and a “bad” ending. Person 4 GoldenFor example, it featured a “bad ending” where the protagonist sided with the main antagonist instead of exposing his crimes. This puts much more weight on the choices a player makes and the social bonds they form, as they are often the deciding factors in a player’s ending.

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Persona 5 Strikers’ The plot takes place after the events of Person 5, which saw the Phantom Thieves defeat Jaldabaoth using the power of the people’s belief in them. The Protagonist would then return to his hometown, saying goodbye to his friends in the process. Strikers sees the Protagonist return to go on a summer vacation with his friends, only for an impending calamity and an evil idol star to cancel his plans and force the Phantom Thieves back into action.

In spite of the Person series that often have multiple endings, Strikers it just seems to have a unique ending to its main story. There is a New Game + mode that can be unlocked, although it does not provide new story beats. Without getting into spoilers, the main ending sees the Phantom Thieves saving the citizens of Japan from destruction and parting ways once again, with the Protagonist returning to his hometown and life returning to … well, as normal as the things may be for the Phantom Thieves.

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Being a spin-off game, it’s not that surprising that Strikers it only has a unique ending to its story. Like previous derivative securities, such as Person 4 dancing the night away, Strikers focuses more on new game variations while continuing the story of the main game. Strikers It remains a spin-off game despite its massive scale and multiple similarities to the gameplay of Person 5.

For Person fans looking for a sequel to a true story Person 5, The story of Strikers it feels more like something that was included to give the game a bit of context. Strikers‘main frame is the gameplay of musou, which integrates surprisingly well into the world of Person 5. Even without the multiple endings traditionally included, Persona 5 Strikers seems to be a great derivative title for Person 5 fans.

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