Get started cooking the best recipes in Joker’s Kitchen to keep the party well-fed and recharged for the fights ahead in Persona 5 Strikers.

As the Phantom Thieves travel to Tokyo, they’ll need something from Joker’s Kitchen to fill their stomachs and help them get through future fights in Persona 5 Strikers. Food and specific dishes will appear in the conversation often to give players a good idea of ​​what to cook for their party. However, choosing the best dishes can be difficult when trying the pan for the first time.

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With 19 recipes in total throughout the game’s story mode, players can feel a bit overwhelmed at dinner time. Fortunately, all the recipes will be available at Sophie’s Shop and none can be missed entirely. However, if the player wants to be picky about the recipes they spend their money on, this list will be a great start.

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The best dishes to cook with the Joker’s kitchen in Persona 5

Before delving into this, there are a few things players should know about the cooking mechanics in the game. While no recipes are to be missed, they will have a fairly large markup if purchased from Sophie’s Shop. While some recipes need little skill or knowledge, others will require the player to have a certain Master Cook bond level.

This link will increase each time the player cooks something. Players can also increase the speed at which it levels off by obtaining the Bondmaker bond later in the game. The last thing to note is that most stores have a fairly limited stock throughout the game. Because of this, players must buy ingredients when and where they can.

Top 5 recipes:

  • Obanzai – Veggie Obanzai is a traditional Japanese dish that requires a few key ingredients. This includes one Kamo-Nasu Eggplant, A piece of tofu, to Carrot, Y Miso. When consumed, this food will restore 30 hit points and heal the entire party’s status ailments. However, this dish requires the player to have at least three levels in their Master Chef Bond to be cooked. To obtain this recipe, players must complete the mission. Obanzai ingredients.
  • Kushikatsu – Kushikatsu is a fried street food made with meat and / or vegetables. This particular version requires a part Cow meat, A piece of Pork, a Egg, and a Onion. This meal does not require the player to have any specific Master Chef Bond level, however it is quite an expensive recipe. It costs $ 50,000 from Sophie’s Shop. Once made and eaten, this dish grants the party 40 health points and the Matarukaja effect. This increases the group’s physical and magical attack power.
  • Curry master – Master Curry is the best curry recipe available to players in the game, which can be obtained in a special date event. On August 31, players can complete a mission called The special challenge of a thief. Outside of this, players will need a piece of Pork, a Onion, a bag of Select coffee beans, Y Rice. This curry, when eaten, provides the entire team with 50 SP.
  • Okonomiyaki – Okonomiyaki is a tasty cabbage-based dish. The recipe can be purchased in Osaka at the Shinsekai store for $ 1,100. This dish requires the player to have a minimum of three levels in Master Chef Bond. To make this plate, players will need a piece of Pork, some cabbage, and Flour. When eaten, this plate awards the player and his party 60 hit points.
  • Crab Hot Pot – The Crab Hot Pot is the best dish available in the game and is on sale in Osaka in Dotonbori for $ 6,600. This, like most of the best recipes, requires the player to have at least a level three in their Master Chef Bond. To make a hot pot of crab, players will need the following ingredients, a block of Tofu, craband a Carrot. When eaten, it grants the player and their party 80 HP and 40 SP.

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Persona 5 Strikers is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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