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The last installment of the long PixelJunk The game series is heading to an amazing new home. Today, Stadia revealed Q-Games’ PixelJunk Raiders, the new action-adventure rogue that will be released on March 1, 2021 exclusively on the cloud gaming system.

PixelJunk Raiders Watch players fight their way through treacherous environments as they try to save the planet Tantal from the threat of a mysterious anomaly and the invading alien forces emerging from it. Here’s more from the official synopsis:

The arrival of the Anomaly has interfered with conventional travel, our brave but inexperienced mercenary must make use of the SYRIX 1200 avatar system to rescue the inhabitants and investigate the reasons for the sudden appearance of the Anomaly. With limited aid and weaponry, the mercenary must seek out all the weapons and resources he can to survive. Procedurally generated landscapes filled with unique settlements, villages, underground canteens, canyons, and monolithic temples mean that each new game session is unique. Explore a new part of Tantal every time you play!

PixelJunk Raiders will be available on the Stadia store ($ 19.99 / € 19.99) and free within Stadia Pro. As a bonus, which is also part of the Stadia platform, the title will use the nifty State Share app in a unique way. to create an asynchronous multiplayer experience. We previously saw the launch of the State Share system during Hitman 3the debut on Stadia; now PixelJunk Raiders will expand access for gamers around the world with its own community-oriented version of the app.

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Check out the newly revealed trailer below, followed by more features from the upcoming release:

PixelJunk Raiders is the latest creation from the geniuses of Q-Games. You are a human replicant looking for habitable worlds and optimizing your DNA to survive; During his expedition, he discovers a mysterious threat to humanity. It’s new, exciting, and only available on Stadia.


  • Impressive alien structures soar into the sky in fantastical architecture and underground settlements reach deep into the earth! The world evolves and changes as you play and explore!

  • Unique asynchronous multiplayer gameplay with Stadia’s State Share feature.

  • A host of menacing invaders to fight, keeping players on their toes.

  • Hostile invaders aren’t the only enemy in Tantal, they challenge the harsh environment and the alien wildlife that inhabits it!

  • The hard work pays off, use your rewards to unlock new weapons and skins, discover new gadgets, and fully customize your character.

  • Upgrade and upgrade the SYRIX 1200 avatar system with alien DNA, pushing legal limits with black market mods!

  • Make your mark on Tantal by sharing game states with State Share, including the turrets, traps, and gadgets you placed to impact other players’ worlds.

  • Use the Coordinate Entry system to jump to hundreds of thousands of unique locations.

  • Immerse yourself in a richly detailed world inspired by Jean Giraud‘s Moebius and British science fiction comics of the 1970s.

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