Anyone who has seen the original Pokemon The anime will often share their favorite moments from the show. Though Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Brock are no longer traveling together, Team Rocket’s Jessie, James, and Meowth maintain their camaraderie and evil until the recent season. Pokémon Travel.

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Not only have they managed to keep their team together all this time, but Team Rocket has also done some shenanigans out of left field in the Pokemon Noteworthy anime.

10 Meowth wants a bigger part in the next Pokémon movie

Team Rocket climbs shiny stairs

Pokémon 3: The Movie – The Unown’s Spell: Entei it’s not just one of the highest grossing Pokemon movies never, but it contains an intriguing quote from Team Rocket breaking the fourth wall. As Brock and Misty fend off the film’s main antagonists, Molly Hale and her time partner Entei, Team Rocket is tasked with tracking Ash.

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However, during Misty’s battle with Molly, which takes place underwater, Meowth asks Jessie, “Do you think we’re going to have a bigger role in the next movie?” This statement is comical considering how Meowth understands that they are in a movie and that they are not the main baddies that Ash and his friends have to defeat.

9 James regrets “wasting an episode” on the wrong side

Team Rocket is observing something

“Electric Shock Showdown” is not only one of the best Pokemon never episodes, but it’s also an episode that features a hilarious fourth wall break from James from Team Rocket. During the heated battles between Lieutenant Surge and Ash, Team Rocket shows concern for Ash’s Pikachu and decides to do some cheerleading antics after his first defeat in hopes of lighting up Pikachu’s fighting spirit.

Eventually, Ash and Pikachu defeat Lt. Surge’s Raichu, they celebrate, and fans get a quick cut to Team Rocket, who are proud to have helped Ash defeat Lt. Surge. However, after the narrator finishes his statement about the episode, James says, “Damn, we wasted this episode cheering on the good guys,” showing his knowledge that they’re on a TV show.

8 Meowth commenting on being designed without a nose

Meowth is talking to Jessie and James.

“Pokémon Scent-Sation” was not just an episode that showed Ash going to many heights to receive a gym battle from Grass-Type gym leader Erika. This Pokemon The episode also features an intriguing line that breaks Meowth’s fourth wall regarding his understanding of his character design.

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While infiltrating and encountering a random Gloom, James summons his Koffing to fight him. Gloom retaliates with a horrible smell, causing Team Rocket to suffer from the smell. When Jessie informs Meowth that she doesn’t have a nose, Meowth responds, “The cartoonist never gave me a nose.”

7 Sing a song about being in a cartoon

Team Rocket is sleeping

Not only the Pokemon The episode “The Song of Jigglypuff” features a lovable Pokémon that every trainer should catch, but contains a fun line that breaks Team Rocket’s fourth wall. After bumping into Ash and his friends while having a wild Jigglypuff in their possession, Team Rocket makes an appearance and sings a quick song.

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During the first half of their song, Jessie, James and Meowth sing the following lines, “We want to capture Pikachu, we hope to do it soon, and when we do, we will be the new stars of this cartoon.”

6 Recognizing the camera operators and anime writers

James and Meowth are pondering as Jessie shoots a confident look.

“The Crystal Onix” not only presents one of the best Orange Islands Pokemon battles in the anime, but it also features two moments that break Team Rocket’s fourth wall. As she stumbles across Crystal Onix’s homeland, the screen scrolls to Jessie and James, excluding Meowth.

When Meowth says, “Down here. I’m here,” the screen zooms in on him, implying that he understands that he is in front of the camera. Also, when James comments that it is a mystery how they got rid of his trap, Jessie says, “The writers can’t think about that either,” implying that they understand the story of this episode written by real-life humans.

5 Wondering if they’ll learn their lesson “next season”

Team Rocket is spying

“Home Is Where The Beginning Is” is not just an episode featuring one of Gary Oak’s strongest Pokémon, but it is also an episode with a line breaking Team Rocket’s fourth wall. After attempting to capture Gary’s Electivire, Team Rocket witnesses the strength of this Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region after Gary orders it to be sent by Thunder Punch into the clouds.

As it blasts off with electrical sparks flashing above them, James asks his friends, “Do you think we’ll ever learn?”, And Meowth replies, “I’ll let you know next season.”

4 Be aware of how many seasons you’ve been in the anime

Team Rocket is in their Meowth hot air balloon

Although his noodle shop worker outfits aren’t one of Team Rocket’s best costumes, they were good enough to fool Ash in the episode “Houses are where the beginning is.” Not only did Team Rocket come close to stealing Pikachu, but while trying to get away from Ash, Jessie delivered a humorous response that broke the fourth wall.

While in their vehicle, Jessie says, “We waited nine seasons,” which not only implies how long they have waited to steal Pikachu from their world, but also hints at how long it took them to steal Pikachu from a Perspective of “time. anime run “.

3 Mention the audience

Jessie and James are worried about something

“When The Pokémon Worlds Collide” is not just an episode that lays the groundwork for Ash and Dawn’s camaraderie throughout the Sinnoh region anime, but it highlights an intriguing moment that breaks Team Rocket’s fourth wall.

After being hit by Pikachu’s iconic lightning strike and while taking off, James says, “Weren’t we supposed to leave our audience wanting more?” Meowth responds, “Go tell the writers that.”

two Even more complaints from the writers

Team Rocket and Wobbufet captured Goomy and Pikachu

the Pokemon The episode “A Slippery Encounter” doesn’t just feature a dragon-type Pokémon that shouldn’t be a dragon. The episode also shows another funny scene with a line from Meowth breaking the fourth wall. After imprisoning Ash’s Pikachu and the Goomy that Ash and his friends randomly encounter on their journey, Team Rocket decides to celebrate their victory with a comedy picnic session.

After Wobbufet shows a drawing of a funny face on her stomach, Jessie responds that Meowth will be next, in which Meowth says, “I have no material. The writers left me high and dry.”

1 Meowth Censors Mimikyu on behalf of the anime’s family audience

Team Rocket is observing a random Mimikyu

“Loading the Dex” features a lot of Team Rocket humor, so much so that it contains a hilarious moment regarding their first meeting with Mimikyu. While walking through an Alola forest, Team Rocket bumps into a wild Mimikyu and is terrified by its strange appearance and body movements.

Also, while terrified of the creepy, Mimikyu utters something in his respected language, to which James asks Meowth to translate what he’s trying to tell them. Meowth responds, “This is a family show.”

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