Comics generally try to maintain the status quo. Important events are only undone or reconnected later. But in many cases, some heroes have the opportunity to grow and mature, and that often takes the form of marriage. many major DC superheroes have been married over the years in the comics.

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Some of DC’s greatest heroes have gotten married at one point or another, and even in different universes. Thanks to the ever-changing continuity in the comics, some marriages persist while others have been erased, at least for the time being.

10 Adam Strange and Pave

Strange adventures

Adam Strange and Allana got married in League of Justice # 121 in 1975, a key event in the history of the Silver Age team of the Justice League, which was attended by all. Adam Strange is a Golden Age superhero who first appeared in Showcase # 17 in November 1958. It was created by legendary DC editor Julius Schwartz and designed by Murphy Anderson.

Strange is transported back and forth from the planet Rann by virtue of the Zeta-Beam, but it is random and difficult to control. Strange and Allana appear in the DC Black Label series Strange Adventures from writer Tom King, who also wrote the 2015 Eisner Award-winning miniseries. The vision, a comic book influence on WandaVision.

9 Lord miracle and great wall

Big Barda kissing Mister Miracle

Another Tom King Eisner Award-winning miniseries is Mr miracle, which starkly describes the domestic struggles of Scott Free and his wife Big Barda. The two classic New Gods characters got married in Mr miracle # 18 in 1974, written and drawn by comic book legend Jack Kirby.

The two characters marry after escaping from the clutches of Granny Goodness, an Apokolips villain who will make a cameo in the next episode. Justice League: Snyder’s Cut. Their marriage would be a lasting connection between the traditional DC universe and the Fourth World of the New Gods.

8 Flash and Iris West

Flash and Iris West in DC Comics

Barry Allen and Iris West are the heart of The flash TV show, and their romance has also been a big part of the comics. Their wedding was interrupted by Earth X Nazis at the Arroverse crossover event Crisis on Earth X, but in the comics, it was less dramatic, but it was still a major DC event for a prominent hero.

Future Flash interrupted his own wedding in “One Bride Too Many” by Flash # 165 in November 1966, written by John Broome, with art by Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella. Adam Strange designer Murphy Anderson provided the cover.

7 Donna Troy and Terry Long

Teen Titans Wedding Donna Troy Terry Long

In the early ’80s, the Teen Titans were the most popular superhero team, even outselling the X-Men. Wonder Girl Donna Troy’s wedding to Terry Long was a major event in the milestone led by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez. The wedding took place in Tales of Teen Titans # fifty

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The comic is also notable for what happens to other characters. Many important DC characters appear and each has a moment, including Batman and Nightwing. The two talk about why Bruce Wayne never adopted Dick Grayson, helping the two friends and heroes move forward with their relationship in that contentious moment.

6 Apollo and Midnighter

Midnighter and Apollo kissing - DC Wildstorm Comics

One of the most unique pairs in DC Comics is Apollo and Midnighter. These two started out as analogues of Superman and Batman in the Wildstorm universe before being brought into the great DC Universe. They were married in The authority # 29 in 2002, perhaps the first marriage in the comics to involve a gay couple.

The two are some of the highest-profile LGBTQ + depictions in DC Comics, so it’s a shame that the New 52 The reboot of DC continuity in 2011 erased their marriage. However, they remain lovers in later stories.

5 Earth-2 Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor married Earth Two

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor have a very complicated and tragic relationship in the movies, which includes Wonder Woman 1984, which took some cues from the comics. One aspect of the comics that the film didn’t use was Diana and Steve’s marriage.

It’s probably because it happened on Earth-Two, one of the many parallel universes that make up the great DC universe. This marriage was key as they had a daughter, who became the superhero Fury. Lyta Trevor would become the mother of Daniel Trevor, who would become the Sandman in place of Morpheus at the end of Neil Gaiman’s classic comic.

4 Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman

Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman WeddingEarth-2 Batman and Catwoman

Another couple from Earth-2 who got married was Batman and Catwoman. Batman has had many love interests over the years, but Selina Kyle always seems to keep her heart. The two got married in Superman family # 211, with the assistance of Clark and Lois Kent. They even sent their invitations to the Batarangs.

The two had a daughter, Helena Wayne, who would become the first Huntress. Helena and the marriage were completely erased from continuity by the comic book event. Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985. The importance of marriage has not been lost, as the two seem to be heading in this direction, and Helena has made a comeback in the comics recently.

3 Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl

Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl wedding

Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are members of the Legion Of Super-Heroes, a team from the far future of the 30th century. The group’s constitution actually prohibits marriage between members, not unlike the Jedi Order, but an exception was made for these two. The two were not married in a regular issue, but rather in a treasure-sized comic, a popular format at the time.

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The unique presentation of the story was an indication of the significance of the event, back in 1978, when superhero marriages were still quite rare. The couple was also part of a fake double wedding in Adventure comics # 337, a ploy designed to expose the location of evil alien spies.

two Aquaman and Mera

Aquaman and Mera recently got married in Aquaman # 65, a career-crowning song for writer Kelly Sue DeConnick in the title. It’s important because it broke a strange rule set by DC in the 2010s. DC proclaimed that none of its superheroes could marry after not allowing Batwoman to marry his girlfriend in the comics, leading to the firing of Batwoman’s creative team. .

Aquaman and Mera had been married before, but the marriage, like many others, was undone by New 52 restart.

1 Superman and Lois Lane

Superman and lois it’s probably very different from the movie Iron Man, and one way is that Superman and Lois will get married. Their marriage was a major milestone in the comics. The two longtime partners were officially married again in Superman # 47 in 1996, which was written by a number of longtime Superman writers, including Dan Jurgens, Karl Kesel, David Michelinie, Louise Simonson, and Roger Stern. The two had been married before, but they were all dreams, hoaxes, or alternate realities.

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