For those who have dreamed of being a medieval thug, Rustler makes those dreams come true with an open-world Grand Theft Auto-style medieval adventure.

Recently released in Early Access on Steam and developed by Jutsu Games, Rustler is a throwback dedicated to the original top-down perspective Grand Theft Auto games before the series was fully 3D with Grand theft auto iii. Rustler puts players in the shoes of a medieval criminal, set free in a clockwise open world ready to be explored and looted. Packed with numerous references to popular culture and utterly ironic, Rustler he never takes himself seriously.

Rustler aims to bring many of Grand Theft Autocharacteristics in a medieval setting. This includes fun additions like a funny minstrel to becoming a “human radio”, as time period limitations don’t really allow for custom radio stations. The minstrel follows the player character, playing a lute and singing as the colorful musical notes rise from his model. And, of course, the minstrel can be killed if the player decides to get into trouble, a misguided arrow that stops any musical accompaniment.

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Players take on the role of Guy, a low-born peasant bully who is tired of spending his days plowing fields and wishes for something greater. Together with his friend (appropriately named “Buddy”), Guy decides to fake a blue blood background in order to participate in the Grand Tournament and win the hand of a wealthy royal lady, along with some riches. What follows is a series of mishaps, mishaps, and shenanigans as the two criminals engage in all manner of illegal activities in their quest for fame. Rustler It has an interesting premise, but even the developers have recognized that the gameplay, not the narrative, should be at the heart of the experience.

Those familiar with the old school GTA open world style you will instantly feel comfortable with RustlerMechanics of. Players can take on the local police (with disastrous results), complete missions found in the farms and open pastures, and (of course) steal any horse that is left without a rider, or any horse with a rider. There are many mini-games to participate in, such as jousting and medieval boxing fights, and RustlerThe world design is clearly inspired by the sandbox style of Grand Theft Auto.

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RustlerThe character speaks in gibberish similar to The Sims, one that is equally reminiscent of the way the characters get excited in the classic Monty Python animated clips in movies like Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This cannot be a coincidence given the light tone and setting of Rustler. This is only further confirmed with a rather cheeky encounter with a Black Knight-like character directly from Monty Python, who shrugs off the loss of his leg with a reference to the classic retort, “it’s just a superficial wound.”

Humor is the core of Rustlerand, in many ways, the game makes jokes. The very premise of the game and its “Grand Theft Horse” marketing signals to players that its tone and world are lighthearted and goofy. The game prides itself on being historically incorrect, and it’s filled with all sorts of goofy characters like a smallpox-scarred monk and a rather disinterested royal who wishes fighters at a joust in his honor would already break their necks.

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Humor even permeates the mission structure, with the protagonist placed in a series of ridiculous scenarios. There are holy hand grenades, swords to pull out of the stones, and more ridiculous setups that often lead to a humorous conclusion. One sends Guy after a chosen set of armor worn by the “Iron Maiden”, a heroine who fights injustice on the mud-soaked streets.

The player must team up with a fellow scoundrel known as “Captain of the Middle Ages”, who rejects his nickname by painting washboard abs on his overalls. After causing enough havoc to attract the hero, the two thugs quickly realize that they are outmatched and can only escape after the Middle Ages Captain creates a distraction by stripping down to nothing. This is just one of the many ridiculous missions that Jutsu Games has come up with.

Usually, Rustler is a silly and often fun game that brings together two familiar game concepts to produce a joyous and unique action title. Jutsu has shown that the incredibly popular GTA The style can be used to great effect in a variety of settings. The light tone of Rustler only serves to illustrate this with its similarities to GTAThe satirical dispatch of modern American society. Fans of sandbox experiences and fun games should definitely check out this crazy medieval adventure, which is currently available in early access on Steam.

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