Ryan Reynolds confirms that his version of Green Lantern will no longer fit into Zack Snyder’s long-awaited Justice League cut.

Ryan Reynolds confirms that his version of Green Lantern will never fit again for Zack Snyder’s long-awaited cut of League of Justice. Reynolds previously played Hal Jordan in Unlucky 2011 Green Lantern film before moving on to more successful projects, such as 2016 dead Pool. Meanwhile, Snyder’s cut from League of Justice It is one of the most anticipated movie premieres of the year.

Snyder departed the League of Justice production after suffering a family tragedy. After a massive fan campaign on social media, HBO Max approved allowing Snyder to complete his version. Snyder recently teased a surprising hero cameo near the end of the film, leading many to speculate that the film could see the debut of the DCEU’s first proper Green Lantern. This isn’t a huge leap, considering that HBO Max is currently developing a Green Lantern Corp television series. Of course, any mention of Green Lantern evokes the failed version of Reynolds’ character, which has fans of that movie hoping that. be his version of Hal Jordan appearing at the end of Snyder’s cut.

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Unfortunately, according to Ryan reynolds On Twitter, he’s not preparing again for the cameo teased by Snyder. Reynolds has a bit of fun at the expense of his GL movie, noting that the suit remains “on the computer,” a reference to the infamous CGI suit from the 2011 misfire. Check out the tweet below.

Reynolds is a good fan of the whole thing, wondering if maybe it’s another Green Lantern who could make a cameo or even another actor like Hal Jordan. Green Lantern is traditionally one of the founding members of the Justice League, so it was always strange that he was mostly absent from the DCEU up to this point. There’s a Green Lantern Corps film in early development, with writers David Goyer and Geoff Johns attached to the project at different points. The theatrical cut of League of Justice featured an unnamed Green Lantern in a flashback to ancient Earth, but that’s the most we’ve gotten from the emerald ring slingers so far.

By Snyder League of Justice it’s going to be a movie monster. At 4 hours long, twice the length of the theatrical cut, the film could be loaded with characters and references that didn’t make it to the big screen in director Joss Whedon’s compromised cut. We know Reynolds won’t be part of the movie, but there’s still hope that a Green Lantern can make his presence felt.

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