The Servant’s Turners have been through a lot, and it was recently clarified why Leanne wanted to make Sean suffer in season 1.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Server Season 2, Episode 6, “Espresso,” aired Friday on Apple TV +.

In Server Season 1, as much as Leanne tried to get close to Sean, something turned her off. He took more of Dorothy; however, all that changed when the dark secrets began to unravel. Ironically, this season, after the couple kidnapped her to get baby Jericho back, the roles have been reversed, with Leanne finding a comforting ally in Sean while Dorothy is the villain. Now, after many cryptic clues appeared in the series, audiences finally know the real reason why Leanne wanted Sean to suffer and why she cursed him with leprosy.

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Initially, some thought it was because Sean was emotionally stunted with his wife after the boy’s death. He even traveled the country to work, so his actions painted him as a callous husband, prompting Leanne to place the cursed mark on his hand. This caused his body to get stuck with inexplicable splinters and he lost taste, which was devastating for a chef.

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Now, Sean is trying to help Leanne, being compassionate and genuinely caring about becoming a father again. He wants to process his pain and help Dorothy get over hers, but he also wants the boy to come back. Sadly, Leanne makes it clear that she can’t do that as she had an immense role to play when Dorothy accidentally left Jericho in a car to die.

As seen in the flashbacks, Sean is more trapped in his espresso machine than raising the kid with Dorothy. Sean leaves everything to Dorothy, even getting angry at crying and the idea of ​​being a father. That is why he is actually breaking his decision to stay in Philadelphia. He had an offer from Los Angeles to judge a food competition, but after turning it down, the cook tells the agency to hire him. He has cleared his schedule because he cannot bear living with a two-month-old and his wife.

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This broke Dorothy and helped distract her, which is why she was so distant when she got home and forgot about the boy in the car. The rigors of her job – worrying about her news anchor position and wondering if getting pregnant again would mean more unhappiness for her and Sean – took a toll on Dorothy, and Leanne wants the narcissistic and self-centered Sean to accept his blame on this. It seems like he wants to, but even when he tries to help Leanne escape the cult and her home, she can’t forgive him.

Starring Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grint, the second season of Servant airs every Friday on Apple TV +.

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