Sister Wives is back and Christine has admitted in the first episode that after all these years she is still jealous of the other wives.

Sister wives he’s back, and Christine has admitted in the first episode that she still gets jealous of the other wives after all these years. Kody Brown’s third wife told the family that she doesn’t like to see her husband with the other women. The Mormon and polygamous lifestyle has always been a very secretive world that does not always make the best impression on the public.

The Brown Family Chose To Be Documented On The Hit TLC Show Sister wives. TLC cameras follow husband Kody Brown and his four wives with their 18 children combined. The family was forced out of Utah due to strict laws that could have arrested Kody and are now trying to live as a family unit in a society that disparages their lifestyle. After deciding to move from Las Vegas, they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. However, there are many obstacles because the wives will live in four different houses in the same town, rather than on the same street.

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The season 10 premiere came and went, and fans weren’t surprised to hear that the family has been struggling to maintain their lifestyle. During a family dinner, the wives sat down with Kody to air their complaints, but that left the family feeling more separated. The matriarchs of the family met for the first time in months and spoke openly about how the physical division had affected their “culture in family “. Christine was the most outspoken in her confessional when she revealed that she had felt very isolated. While they’re all geographically different, the global pandemic didn’t help them reconnect either.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Christine

Kody still wants to live in a giant house, but some of the wives are against it. Janel led the charge in the conversation, asking some tough questions and if women still wanted to be a part of The “Beginning.” The second wife explained this term for plural marriage, saying: “It is the principle of plural marriage. The whole purpose we really believe in living plural marriage is that you have to learn not to be selfish.”

Kody and Christine are having a rough patch with the third wife, even admitting that their relationship has become stressful. Fans also learned that she was upset that she would only see her husband once or twice a week, and when he showed up, her family’s life would be disrupted. It sure doesn’t look good for this plural family.

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