While Star Wars is known for its impressive lightsaber fights, one of the most interesting parts of the franchise has always been the big space battles. the Star Wars The universe is full of powerful starships, which make titanic fights between the stars so much fun. While there are great ships of all kinds, some of the fan-favorite ships are starfighters.

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Despite Star Wars media, starfighters have been a big part of almost every story. They differ greatly in design and power, some are the best in their field and others are little more than laser meat.

10 Best: ARC-170


The ARC-170 was the heavy fighter of choice for the Grand Army of the Republic. Built by Incom, the company that would eventually make the X-Wing, it was a heavily armed and armored fighter and made a huge difference in the battles it was deployed in. The lives of many clones were saved with the appearance of some ARC-170s. in the countryside.

The ARC-170s were intended for reconnaissance missions that could involve shooting down targets. The fighter was manned by a pilot, two gunners and an astromech and was equipped with a hyperdrive. They could operate on their own for long periods of time and were feared by the separatist forces.

9 Worst: B wing


The B-wing is a great ship but a lousy starfighter. It was built by the Rebel Alliance to complement their fleet; the Alliance had few capital ships and needed something that would make a big impact. A squad of B-Wings was a match for the Imperial capital ships, heavily armed and armored enough to fight directly against them.

The problem, however, is that they were extremely slow, meaning that any Imperial ship with enough hunting cover had a good chance of surviving an evening with B-Wings. A group of TIE fighters of similar size to a group of B-Wings could take down the rebels with little loss, severely limiting the effectiveness of the B-Wings.

8 Best: Y-Wing

The Y-Wing was first introduced during the Clone Wars, but it was not used much during the war. However, it really proved its worth during the war against the Empire. The first Rebel Alliance seized the surplus Y-Wings and put them to great use.

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While they weren’t the fastest or the most maneuverable, they were well armed and tough, capable of taking a beating and delivering one. Even when the Alliance got their hands on newer and more advanced fighters, they still deployed Y-Wings because of how powerful and useful they were; they were easy to repair and return to the field, ready for the next engagement.

7 Worst: A-Wing


The A-Wing was one of the most advanced fighters in the Rebel Alliance. One of the fastest fighters in galaxy history, the A-Wing gave the Alliance an interceptor that could circle anything the Empire put into the field. However, it had some major drawbacks: the ships were notoriously meticulous and difficult to repair, they spent almost as much time in the hangar after engagements as they did fighting, they were quite fragile despite having shields and not packing as much. with a punch.

The A-Wing had its uses, but the drawbacks made it one of the worst fighters the Rebel Alliance had. It was too specialized and expensive to be of much use to the Alliance. The money spent to keep them in the fight would have served better elsewhere.

6 Best: TIE Interceptor

TIEs of all types have a few shortcomings that make them difficult to sell, namely a lack of shields, heavy armor, and hyperdrive. The TIE Interceptor had all of these problems, but it made up for them with its incredible speed, excellent maneuverability, and four powerful laser cannons. On top of that, instead of the square wings of the TIE / In, the long wings of the Interceptor that were tapered to a point and were open in the middle, giving the pilot better visibility to port and starboard.

The TIE Interceptor was a great improvement to the TIE design, but it was introduced so late in the war against the Alliance that it couldn’t make much of a difference. However, if it had been introduced earlier and in greater numbers, things might have been different for the Empire.

5 Worst: TIE / In

The TIE / In was the main fighter of the Empire. While they were fast and maneuverable, they were also notoriously weak, and couldn’t take a big beating. The TIE / Ins were meant to attack en masse, overwhelming enemies with numbers, their powerful dual laser cannons slicing through their foes.

These massive attacks worked, but in a dogfight, a TIE’s relatively weak hull made it easy to beat and the large block wings limited the pilot’s visibility. The Empire was spending most of its money on capital ships and superweapons, so the cheapness and ease of mass production of the TIE / In appealed to them, but it was probably not the best decision they made, as the forces of fighting the rebels were his greatest asset.

4 Best: TIE Defender

The TIE Defender is the largest Imperial starfighter of all and, like the Interceptor, if it had been deployed in greater numbers, it would make a big difference in the war. The brainchild of Grand Admiral Thrawn of Chiss, the TIE Defender took a page from the Rebel Alliance fighters – he was heavily armed and armored, had shields and a hyperdrive.

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Easily compatible with any fighter out there, the TIE Defender was fast, durable, and powerful. Only the best Imperial pilots were selected to pilot a Defender, pilots who had survived many TIE engagements, making them even more dangerous; any TIE pilot who could survive so many fights in the fragile fighters was the best of the best.

3 Worst: First-rate TIE fighter

The First Order is basically what happens when a group of children dress up in the old clothes of the Empire. While they were successful due to the amount of resources they had, most of their designs were exactly the same as the ancient Imperials. The First Order TIE fighter had pretty much the same bad design as the original, except it had a slung missile launcher and incorporated a gunner.

While the addition of some heavy firepower was nice and they were given a hyperdrive, they were still a weak fighter that couldn’t take too many hits and had the same visibility issues as the previous model. It’s a bit puzzling why the First Order stuck with such a bad design.

two Best: X-Wing

X-Wings as they are about to attack an enemy

The X-Wing is the greatest fighter in the history of the galaxy. Tough, powerful and easy to repair, the X-Wing gave the Rebel Alliance the hit it needed at the right time. He was an exceptionally balanced fighter, easy to fly, and allowed the Alliance to score great victories. Without the X-Wing, it is highly likely that Luke Skywalker would never have been able to destroy the Death Star, one of his greatest achievements.

The X-Wing was so well designed that it was hardly changed over the years. There was no reason to upset him too much, as he was already the perfect starfighter.

1 Worst: Vulture droid

Vulture droid

The Separatist forces in the Clone Wars relied on droids for their military and their combat corps was no different. The Vulture Droid was the main fighter in the CIS and was easily the worst starfighter in that or almost any war. While they were fast and well armed, they couldn’t take too much damage and the pilot’s AI was terrible.

This was the Droid Vulture’s biggest downside: its onboard artificial intelligence was terrible. This facilitated deception and limited their tactics. It relied on simple massive attacks, but it was lousy in aerial combat, and clone pilots and Jedi could easily destroy it in parts.

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