In Star Wars, many Sith have tried to become Force Ghost, but only a few have come close.

Many of the Star Wars television shows have created great mysteries around topics that fans thought they already had the answers to. Many of these mysteries have been introduced into shows like Star Wars, Clone Wars Y The mandalorian. One of the questions raised by these shows involves the possibility of certain Sith Lords learning how to become Force Ghosts.

It has been said on more than one occasion that only those who practice on the Light Side of the Force could cross over to the afterlife and become Force Ghosts. By doing so, a user can achieve a form of immortality to speak and guide other Force users. However, a skill like this requires a lot of patience, training, and a powerful connection to the Force. Because of this, only a handful of Jedi have achieved this ability.

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The Sith have always sought to achieve this key to immortality, and some have come very close to it. It wasn’t until Qui-Gon Jinn crossed over into the afterlife that other users began to achieve the same goal. However, a character may have found a different way to channel their power into an immortal essence. In Star wars rebels Season 2, Episodes 21-22, “The Apprentice’s Twilight”, introduces fans to The Presence. This entity was housed in a Sith Holocron found on Malachor. Ezra Bridger and Darth Maul took him to an ancient Sith temple to get answers. Instead, this disembodied voice tried to seduce Ezra to the Dark Side. There was no explanation for its origins, but it was hinted that it harbored a large amount of Dark Power.

The way The Presence achieved this pseudo-afterlife was through the dark magic of the Nightsisters, witches who used the powers of the Dark Side. It stands to reason that this Sith Lord could transfer his consciousness to the Holocron to live forever. The successful transfer granted him vast knowledge. However, she continually tried to lead Ezra to the Dark Side until his teacher, Kanan Jarrus, took it away from her.

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Another Sith named Grand Inquisitor has also been seen as a spirit in the Star Wars comic books. Vader was said to have trapped his spirit in Tempes, and ended up getting into a duel with Luke Skywalker. While impressive, his spirit was forced to stay at the outpost, unlike a traditional Force Ghost that could go anywhere. Due to the difficulty in reaching the same level as Yoda and other powerful Jedi, the ability has essentially been considered another Jedi ability.

Stories found in Star Wars Legends reveal that many Sith were able to become Force Ghosts, but logic can sometimes be difficult to follow. With the new canon in place, he limited the numbers to almost zero. A Sith Lord has bent the afterlife in such a strange way that it must be considered an attempt to achieve his goals. That Sith was none other than Emperor Palpatine.

As he plummeted to his death in Return of the Jedi, the Emperor learned to transfer his consciousness, similar to The Presence, to another body. As his ship failed him, he assembled a new army and pulled strings to bring Rey to him. He planned to gain strength and transfer his mind to Rey, through the Force, and achieve maximum power. However, Palpatine was never able to achieve the immortality that the Jedi possess. His plans brought him closer than any other Sith to becoming a Force Ghost. But his failure proves that as long as darkness overcomes light, the dark side will never lead to immortality.

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