Yoda once told Obi-Wan that there was another who could stop Vader if Luke failed. But it makes less sense now than before in Star Wars.

When Luke Skywalker flew to save his friends and confront Darth Vader in Star WarsThe Empire Strikes BackObi-Wan Kenobi pointed out that he was their last hope. Yoda replied cryptically, “No, there is another.” While most fans, years later, would make a career out of writing possible futures for these characters, many of those sitting in theaters at the time had no idea what that quote entailed.

Now, fans know that the “other” in question was referring to Leia Organa. However, with the prequel movies and countless more stories coming to life, Yoda’s quote makes even less felt for a number of entirely new reasons. Yoda responding to Obi-Wan as if he did not know who the other “hope” was implies that neither of them was there to see the birth of the twins in Revenge of the Sithexcept he and Yoda were in the delivery room.

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Luke may have been young and new to Jedi training, but that didn’t mean Yoda didn’t have faith in him. His unnecessarily cryptic response to Obi-Wan makes it seem like Yoda had his own plans in place. Perhaps his answer was because he my love Luke didn’t learn the importance of training. But even that contains little water because if he died, Yoda would be seen as a careless teacher.

Yoda has always been known to play with his fellow Jedi. From time to time, he would send them through mental exercises to help them come to an obvious conclusion. The best example of this was when he trained Luke. At first it seemed like a waste of time, but Yoda was actually trying to teach Luke patience and how to really connect with the Force.

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However, Luke he knew Leia at this time and Yoda knew they were brothers. I wouldn’t tell Luke until the next movie that there was another Skywalker, but why wait when he had the potential to train two at once? If Luke failed and Leia started training, she may not have had enough time to be strong enough to face Vader since she was cut off from the Force for so long. But if the “other” Jedi in question wasn’t Leia, that would mean it would be someone from one of the more recent stories. We now know that there were still some active Jedi in the galaxy at this time. But those Jedi had already faced Vader and barely escaped alive, emphasizing how strong he was.

Another theory is that Anakin was always the Chosen One, even as Vader, and he still had the strength to balance the Force. At this point in the comics, he was already losing faith in the Dark Side thanks to meeting his son. However, this would be difficult to achieve if he was the one who could have killed him in the first place. What Star Wars continues to grow and expand its tradition, more and more lines from its past are subject to confusion. While it was easy to lay the bricks that were the movies back then, the cement comes from other forms of media, and it’s much more difficult to make sure the cement between those bricks is ideally spread.

Yoda was a wise Jedi who had many flaws. It will be hard to tell if he was being cryptic for some reason or just wanted to remind Obi-Wan of what he already knew. Realistically, the reason this line no longer makes sense has more to do with how fast Star Wars The universe has exploded after the sequel trilogy. As each corner of the galaxy has more content, it has become more difficult to make sure that everything counts for something. While this doesn’t hamper the franchise as a whole, Yoda’s quote may, in hindsight, end up as the ramblings of an old Jedi.

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