Both Future State Suicide Squads have their own Superboy, but the life of a young hero turned horribly tragic.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Future State: Suicide Squad # 2, by Robbie Thompson, Javier Fernandez, Alex Sinclair and Wes Abbott, out now.

One of the biggest surprises about Future State is that the alternate future timeline for the DC Universe featured two Suicide Squads, with two iterations of the set of villains and antiheroes seeking government-ordered redemption on Earth-3. And when these two Suicide Squads found themselves on a collision course for supremacy in the parallel world in Future state: suicide squad # 2, the tragic fate of a long-lost Superboy is revealed when it comes to a particularly heartbreaking ending in the epic clash between the two teams.

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While Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad includes Conner Kent posing as Task Force X’s spin on Superman, a new Suicide Squad led by Peacemaker has a Superman of their own in Lor-Zod.

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Future state of Lar-Zod's death

As the Phantom Zone-born son of General Zod and Ursa, Lor-Zod possesses all the incredible abilities of any other Kryptonian who benefits from the radiation of a yellow sun. However, this also includes all the accompanying vulnerabilities, such as a lethal weakness for kryptonite. And as the two Suicide Squads face off, Lor-Zod is briefly given a chance to show himself as the most powerful member of Peacemaker’s team before Bolt, the Flash of this Task Force X, is inadvertently manipulated by Waller to kill him. Lor-Zod in the heat of battle with K-Spray, an injection of Kryptonite spray.

Lor-Zod was created by Richard Donner, Geoff Johns, and Adam Kubert in 2006 Action comics # 844, crashing into Metropolis on a Kryptonian spaceship. Recovered by Superman, the young man was quietly adopted by Clark Kent and Lois Lane, taking Christopher Kent’s name as a meta-textual nod to the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve. Lor-Zod was revealed to be the son of Zod and Ursa, and his parents used him to create a tether that lured them and their army of Kryptonian exiles from their extradimensional prison to Earth. In order to trap his parents and their henchmen in the Phantom Zone, Chris willingly sacrificed himself by venturing back to the pocket universe and dragging them back inside with him.

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Green Lantern Lar-Zod

Chris would resurface months later from adulthood by the esoteric nature of the Phantom Zone and assume the identity of the Kryptonian mythological figure Nightwing for a time, thwarting his father’s renewed efforts to invade Earth before reverting to being a child and return to your extra-dimensional home. A version of Lor-Zod introduced during the DC Rebirth era was presented as more loyal to his father before his family took on the Green Lantern Corps, coming into conflict with the intergalactic peacekeeping force.

Based on his most recent depictions, Lor-Zod appears to be the most antagonistic figure in DC Rebirth, mentioning that his father taught him to regard the cloned Conner Kent as an abomination. But regardless of his life, Future State’s Lor-Zod has just met an untimely end, shot in the back by the rival Suicide Squad, left to a painful death by the Kryptonite now running through his veins. In one fell swoop, Peacemaker’s most powerful ally has just been cut off. and Waller has shown the extent to which he will manipulate his team to ensure victory at any cost.

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